Creator Lift Measurement Suite

Measuring & optimizing creator media

Custom and exclusive research methods to uncover how you performed, and why.

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What is the creator lift measurement suite?

The suite is designed to understand the impact of creator media on your brand's objectives to optimize your campaigns. Our solutions are custom developed in partnership with some of the world’s most trusted measurement consultancies, providing you with third-party, unbiased research.

Unpack consumer perceptions & behaviours

Our solution pairs digital tracking with survey research. This approach determines the behavioural and attitudinal effects of your campaigns exposure.

See what consumers do when they go offline

Understand what happens to a consumers' journey by matching ad exposures to offline store traffic with a traffic lift studies.

Know if consumers purchased your brand

Using data modeling show how your campaign has resulted in a sales lift for your organization.

"The platform took a lot of the back-and-forth off of my plate, so I was able to spend time on other aspects of our marketing program"

Marissa Haby, Product Marketing Manager
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