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Collaborate with creators.
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Build and reach your audience with creator generated content that’s more relatable to your customers.

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#paid’s all-in-one creator marketing platform helps you market smarter.


Launch your campaign in a few clicks

Handraise™ uses your brief to match you with creators ideal for your campaign.

Opted-in: All handraised creators are pre-qualified before you ever see them—rates and all
Hit target market: Only choose from creators who reach your target market
Come with creative: Creators pitch their campaign concepts for your review—it's really fun
Hashtag paid's dashboard showing handraises and summaries
Hashtag paid's inbox, showing a conversation between a creator and Uber Eats


Chat directly
with your creators

Stay in touch, on track, and on time.

Centralize communication: Stay aligned with every creator on your campaign—all in one place
Automated reminders: Know when content is ready for approval and when it'll go live
Real support: Your Success Manager is in the chat, supporting you every step of the way

Post Preview

Approve everything
before it's live

Nothing goes live until you're satisfied.

Brand safety: Jump into each piece of content and preview the exact look, feel, and caption before the world sees it
Feedback: Share feedback directly with creators on a preview of each post
Scheduling: Know when content is due for approval and when it's scheduled to go live
Hashtag paid's post prview screen, showing a creators post and comments
Hashtag paid's creator whitelisting

Creator Licensing

Buy paid social through creator handles

Use creator content and handles to run better performing paid social ads.

Create ad-sets quickly: Build ad-sets with your best performing creators and content, then send it right to your Facebook Ad Manager
Creator handles: When an ad comes from a creators handle, people click it because it doesn't look like an ad
Drive ROAS: Use creator licensing to attribute influencer marketing spend to the bottom of your funnel


Dead simple insights and reporting

Use creator content and handles to run better performing paid social ads.

Breakdown what happened: See a high-level overview of your campaign and key metrics you moved
Optimize content: Learn what content perform best for your brand, then double-down as you scale spend
Get insights: Inform your next campaign by knowing which creators had the highest impact
Hastag paid's results screen with analytics
Content Library

All your content
at your fingertips

Repurpose your favorite content across social, your website, OOH, or anywhere you want.

Hastag paid's content library section

"We launched a campaign in under 10 minutes and got to choose from such an authentic roster of creators that were the perfect fit for our brand."

Brittany Doll, Marketing Manager
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