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We saw firsthand that Influencer Marketing wasn’t working. So, we invented something better. No fluffy metrics, no inauthentic content, no “un-scalability.”

Business objectives aren’t subjective.

With #paid, we uncover those beautiful, golden insights and leverage that data to drive performance. Because focusing on likes and comments will only lead you astray.

Creators, not influencers. Know the difference.

The #paid network is the home of storytellers. Directors, videographers, artists–our creators have influence because time-over-time they connect with audiences in a meaningful way. Oh, and did we mention they do it at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods?

Your brand is safe and sound.

Don’t erode your brand, build it. With the click of a button, you send hand-picked creators out into the world with the freedom to create beautiful content targeted to your audience. Then you approve the content, the caption, even the filter if you want one.

Extend your licence

Convenient, consistent content.

We organize your content based on performance, campaign and creator, so continued winning is nice and easy. Manage the rights of your content right on our platform, so you can use it on any channel instantly, across your organization.

Moving the metrics that matter.

“The product is important, and the partnership is really what makes them unique to us.”
Shawn Lowe
VP Growth & Partnerships
Time + Space Agency
Shot by Creators
NL Tourism
Shot by Creators
Philips Hue
“The platform took a lot of the back-and-forth off of my plate, so I was able to spend time on other aspects of our marketing program.”
Marissa Haby
Product Marketing Manager
Philips Hue
Creator Media from #paid

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