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It’s Gucci’s 100th Birthday. They’re just getting started.

Gucci’s the only luxury brand that’s getting younger. Here’s what we can all learn from them.

Storytelling and identity for fashion brands: What it means

We buy clothes to feel good in our skin and differentiate ourselves from others. That’s why fashion brand stories that double-down on identity are so powerful

Netflix launches Halston collection

Halston x Netflix: The power of hype and timing

With the Halston collection, Netflix is setting foot in high fashion for the first time.


Danie Berger of DIY Danie on YouTube on growing an authentic brand as a creator

Danie talks about her journey becoming a full-time creator, what she looks for in brand partnerships, and where her brand will head in the future.

Vikki Ross on copywriting, working with brands, and building a community

I recently sat down with Vikki Ross—an experienced copywriter and branding consultant who worked with Prince Harry and Megan Markle.

An inside look at Wormhole Labs with CEO Phil Ranta

Do you ever wonder how platforms are built around creators and what gets taken into consideration during the buildout?


Are you combining online shopping with social media? Here’s why you should

Brands using social media to sell products are bringing in a whopping $90 billion—and it’s projected to hit $605 billion within the next seven years. 

How to wean your ecomm brand off paid ads

We can’t escape the truth: People don’t want to see ads online. They want to scroll their social feeds to see what their friends are doing.

America’s obsession with coffee as consumers

Let’s look at America’s history with coffee, how it’s morphed from function to luxury, and how eCommerce has changed this for the better.

Creator Economy

Censorship on YouTube and Twitch: What creators need to know

How can creators express themselves and avoid censorship if they’re not hurting anyone?

9 factors that can impact Creator rates

Working with a Creator is more like partnership than transaction, which means standard rates can fluctuate. Here are 9 factors that impact Creator rates.

12 inspiring Black Creators to follow immediately

This article hopes to amplify the stories of 12 up-and-coming and inspiring Black Creators. Their social accounts and creative projects exude confidence, style, drive, and grace.