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Banknotes’ 2022 holiday DTC gift guide (and giveaway)

Check out the coolest DTC gifts and enter for a chance to win $500 to spend on yourself and some friends

Ways eCommerce brands can grow sales the remainder of 2022

While the overall attitude regarding the current economy is lackluster, NRF reports that retail sales will still grow between 6% and 8% to more than the $4.86 trillion recorded in 2022.Even if consumers are upset by inflation and the current state of the economy, the good news is they are still spending—especially during the upcoming holiday season. In fact, 30% of all retail sales typically happen between BFCM and Christmas.

Social media endorsements: Brands and DTC influencers play hide and seek with disclosures

Over the past month, Parker has engaged with a number of micro-influencers on Twitter to promote its credit card and official launch party (which happened on Sept. 29), generating FOMO on behalf of the brand.Some of the influencers have disclosed they’ve been paid, adding a #sponsored hashtag to their post or some other indication of a professional relationship. Others, though gushing about the credit card and its party, have not indicated sponsorship.

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Erica Werber, CEO of Literie Candles, on the explosion of the candle industry

Literie was originally launched as a pandemic hobby and love letter to NYC. With help sampling scent profiles with her kids as they were learning remotely and with an order of 2000 candles, founder Erica Werber thought she would just sell the candles mostly to friends, and then return to her normal career.

Tuft and Paw's Jackson Cunningham on developing thoughtful furniture for cats

From a cat tree that looks like it should be in a museum, to the perfect litter box: Tuft and Paw's Jackson Cunningham on developing thoughtful furniture for cats

Abtin Masseratagah on the importance of retention marketing

Abtin Masseratagah is a digital marketing consultant and founder of Northn Mo., a Toronto-based digital and social media marketing firm.

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ChatGPT's list of top eCommerce tactics

As the eCommerce industry continues to grow, businesses are looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition. To do this, they need to employ the best eCommerce tactics. Here are some of the top eCommerce tactics that businesses should consider:

Faux 'website outage' emails flood Black Friday inboxes

Do brands lie? Of course they do! But you may be surprised how many brands used a deceptive and false email marketing tactic this past Black Friday weekend—and customers started to catch on.

Nibble brings an AI-powered negotiator bot to eCommerce

Nibble is a new eCommerce technology company that’s trying to disrupt eCommerce product pricing. The technology brings customer and merchant negotiation into the online shopping experience for Shopify stores. 

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What is the future of the creator and influencer economies?

Combining niche marketing insights with powerful creators has been a boon to marketers. That’s why the creator economy reached over $100 billion in the middle of 2022. And now, 75% of marketers use it to one degree or another.

Short-form video: How influencers are tackling ever-decreasing attention spans

The average attention span is shrinking. In fact, a recent Microsoft study found that our attention span is down to about eight seconds or less. This extends to attention spans while browsing the web. And in the creator economy, those eight seconds are precious currency.There’s no doubt that in recent years, short-form video has either created this trend or capitalized on it. And it’s officially a trend creators can’t afford to ignore. 

The role of creator marketing and influencers in the B2B world

Since creator marketing is so successful in the DTC world, it follows that marketers would wonder if the B2B world also lends itself well to success with creator marketing.