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Small fashion brands are preparing for upcoming climate regulations

The fashion industry is on a trajectory where self-regulation may be coming to a drawn-out end. The fashion industry contributes an estimated 4% of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions, with fast fashion companies like H&M, Shein, and Zara responsible for half of those emissions. As people learn more about this reality, pressure from a growing number of climate-conscious consumers have forced large fashion brands to invest in voluntary sustainability efforts to prove they’re doing something about their impact on the planet.

How brands like Parachute and Sweetgreen are embracing chaos

Instead of traditional campaigns, brands are embracing general upheaval, changes in the workforce, managing supply chain issues, and are going toe-to-toe with brand competitors.

History of vitamin and supplement advertising: Proof that nothing is original

Vitamins and supplements have been in regulation purgatory since they were first developed in the early 20th century. At first because of lack of knowledge, then because of lobbying, vitamins and supplements have never been subject to the same regulatory requirements as other health products.

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Map with a compass laid on top.

Kate Ward of One Day Entertainment on digital creators and their role as world builders

Kate Ward shares her visions on why Creators are world builders and educating the masses.

Tiffany Ferguson on her YouTube journey, the ethics of monetization, and building something beyond her name

Tiffany’s thoughts on money, brand sponsorships, growing a business beyond her name, and the complicated nature of being an anti-consumerist creator in a capitalist society.

Danie Berger of DIY Danie on YouTube on growing an authentic brand as a creator

Danie talks about her journey becoming a full-time creator, what she looks for in brand partnerships, and where her brand will head in the future.

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Community Manager: Decoding the mystery behind the most talked about role in startups 

Community roles are closely tied to the ability to deliver value. With so many brands vying for consumers’ attention, how can a company differentiate itself and provide additional value to customers beyond its product or service? How can it make customers feel closer to the brand? How can it solve user problems, or provide outstanding support, in a way that actually scales? 

Facebook, Instagram CPMs drop for a second consecutive holiday weekend

The cost of running ads across Facebook and Instagram continues to dip as CPMs decreased year-over-year when comparing July 1-4, repeating the CPM declines that were seen over Memorial Day weekend.

How Stryx landed a deal on Shark Tank and insight into its “secret sauce” for success on TikTok

The women’s skincare market is tough. Think of any problem, from a pimple to a pore, and there are dozens, if not hundreds, of products available.Men don’t have the same options. Stryx was one of the first names in the industry to understand this gap and to create products that addressed men’s skincare issues specifically. 

Creator Economy
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Spiritual TikTok: Content creators target digital worship (of all things)

Spiritual TikTok: Content creators target digital worship (of all things)

Traditionally, people have sought answers to these big questions from spiritual gurus, religious leaders, palm readers, prophets, books, community groups (sometimes cults), nature, psychedelics, and other physical sources.But, with the advent of the Internet, the growth of the Creator Economy, and the rise of TikTok as a source of information, spiritual enlightenment is innovating right along with popular technology.

5 influencer marketing campaign goals for Cyber Week

Consumers are 71% more likely to buy products after seeing positive reviews on their social networks, so if creator marketing isn’t in your marketing strategy for Black Friday-Cyber Monday (BFCM)–it should be. 

Alisha Ether (LeeshCapeesh) on her journey to becoming a full-time creator on Twitch

While her gaming skills are on point and it’s a riot to watch her play, Alisha Ether's fun personality is what makes me continue to avidly consume her content. She’s conversational, warm, and absolutely hilarious.