“Where’s the ROI?”

The most common influencer marketing question

How The Always Pan Inspires Authentic User-Generated Content

The Always Pan’s success may, in part, be attributed to shallow reasons: it’s just so … pretty. Our Place may just be the first piece of cookware designed with Instagram creators in mind.

Report | Non-Alcoholic Beverages Trends

Category outlook crowdsourced by what consumers are saying online about Non-Alcoholic Beverages


An interview with Pattern Brands GM, Katy Marshall

In this episode, we talk to Katy Marshall, the General Manager of Pattern Brands. We talk to Katy about the importance of impact versus complexity, so that she can not just execute something for one brand, but execute across the family of Pattern Brands.

Candid—Founder & CEO, Nick Greenfield

In this episode, we talk to Nick Greenfield, the Founder & CEO of Candid. He's on a mission to make orthodontics and teeth aligners more affordable and accessible to all. He talks about how he disrupted an industry built on in-person, expensive services and brought it into the e-commerce space.

Fix My Churn—Founder & CEO, Val Geisler

In this episode, we talk to Val Geisler, the CEO of Fix My Churn. She's on a mission to increase conversions, and decrease churn. She drops a bunch of email and marketing knowledge that will help you now.

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8 tips to build your ecommerce email list

While email as a channel may not be new or sexy, it is effective. The conversion rate for e-commerce brands via email hovers at around 15% in 2020, much higher than paid and organic social.

Post-COVID-19 Marketing Trends You Can Follow to Speed Your Recovery

Here are seven post-COVID-19 marketing trends you should consider to help you speed recovery and begin 2021.

Four Lessons for DTC Operators

Four key principles for entrepreneurs looking to build a great direct-to-consumer brand

Creator Economy

Influencer trends in food & beverage: Inspiration and insights for your next campaign

Consumer habits and food and beverage trends are always on the move, making it hard to know what messaging will reach consumers. We've taken the work off your plate and researched this for you.

How the 80s shaped influencer marketing

In the 1980s, we saw the power of popular culture and its effect on brands’ bottom lines as it dominated American consciousness. So let’s look at some of the most noteworthy marketing campaigns that joined high-impact 1980s celebrities with creative marketing campaigns, shall we?

The World’s First Influencer Creates a Makeup Brand: The EM Cosmetics Story

Michelle Phan, the first makeup influencer on YouTube, is now a full-time CEO for one of the most distinguished makeup brands of our era. In a nutshell: The EM Cosmetics story