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Allen Edmonds Shoes

How Allen Edmonds created an eco-conscious brand

Allen Edmonds has dedicated time, energy, and resources to building an eco-conscious recrafting program—without giving up luxury, leather footwear.

Polaroid marketing and brand

Polaroid’s approach to marketing: Then and now

Polaroid was founded over 75 years ago in 1937, since then, the brand has been running at an intersection of technology, innovation, art, and photography. 

Jacob Zuppke AutoPets

Jacob Zuppke on AutoPets’ DTC origins, and embracing the new creator model

Building a company and figuring out your marketing strategy is tough work. Learn how AutoPets uses DTC and Creators to skyrocket growth.

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Kate Ward of One Day Entertainment on digital creators and their role as world builders

Kate Ward shares her visions on why Creators are world builders and educating the masses.

Tiffany Ferguson on her YouTube journey, the ethics of monetization, and building something beyond her name

Tiffany’s thoughts on money, brand sponsorships, growing a business beyond her name, and the complicated nature of being an anti-consumerist creator in a capitalist society.

Danie Berger of DIY Danie on YouTube on growing an authentic brand as a creator

Danie talks about her journey becoming a full-time creator, what she looks for in brand partnerships, and where her brand will head in the future.

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Nuuly clothing rental

Clothing rental services post-COVID

The rise of the subscription model is rewriting the rules of fashion in favor of access over ownership. 

FutureCommerce #paid

Future Commerce Nine by Nine report: The return to brick and mortar?

The real deal: Direct-to-consumer brands just need to be everywhere

Creator Economy
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The ultimate Creator guide to landing better brand deals

We’ve created an easy, step-by-step guide on how you can land more—and better—brand sponsorships.

Censorship on YouTube and Twitch: What creators need to know

How can creators express themselves and avoid censorship if they’re not hurting anyone?

9 factors that can impact Creator rates

Working with a Creator is more like partnership than transaction, which means standard rates can fluctuate. Here are 9 factors that impact Creator rates.