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Creator economy scoop: How many ads are on TikTok?

In this edition, we explore TikTok's current ad landscape, the ways the FTC is tightening regulations for creators in the nutrition space, and much more.

Why enterprise companies hire celebrity and influencer partners

It's 2023, and everyone wants more. As a marketer, you know that a star-studded collaboration should yield more than a few viral Instagram posts. To open hearts (and wallets), you need a strategic approach. Enterprise companies know this to be true, and as such, they’re getting strategic with celebrity and influencer partnerships.

The era of entertainment marketing is here: Tracking the right metrics will help you stand out

TikTok is the champion of entertainment marketing. This is mainly because TikTok viewers are clinging to short video content as a primary form of entertainment, especially in the face of inflation.

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Erica Werber, CEO of Literie Candles, on the explosion of the candle industry

Literie was originally launched as a pandemic hobby and love letter to NYC. With help sampling scent profiles with her kids as they were learning remotely and with an order of 2000 candles, founder Erica Werber thought she would just sell the candles mostly to friends, and then return to her normal career.

Tuft and Paw's Jackson Cunningham on developing thoughtful furniture for cats

From a cat tree that looks like it should be in a museum, to the perfect litter box: Tuft and Paw's Jackson Cunningham on developing thoughtful furniture for cats

Abtin Masseratagah on the importance of retention marketing

Abtin Masseratagah is a digital marketing consultant and founder of Northn Mo., a Toronto-based digital and social media marketing firm.

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What we can learn from China’s commerce trends

China’s leading tech innovation is a top reason for its place as a global commerce leader. Many of the world’s most popular social media and commerce platforms started in China first and then moved westward.

ChatGPT's list of top eCommerce tactics

As the eCommerce industry continues to grow, businesses are looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition. To do this, they need to employ the best eCommerce tactics. Here are some of the top eCommerce tactics that businesses should consider:

Faux 'website outage' emails flood Black Friday inboxes

Do brands lie? Of course they do! But you may be surprised how many brands used a deceptive and false email marketing tactic this past Black Friday weekend—and customers started to catch on.

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What developments in AI means for the creator economy and how to stand out amongst the noise

What do Ryan Reynolds, Martini, Nestle, and McDonald’s have in common? They’ve all used the latest and greatest technology trends to create, support, or distribute campaigns.The technology? Artificial Intelligence (AI).

L’Oreal puts a rosy spotlight on mature creators (and more brands need to do the same).

Data shows that use amongst the Gen X cohort specifically (aged 43 to 58 years old in 2023) is one of the fastest-growing audiences on the platform. The same could be said for Facebook and how many Gen X users use the site today while younger generations have moved on to other platforms.

What TikTok can do for your brand and how to create content for TikTok’s algorithm

TikTok is the fastest-growing social media platform thus far, reaching the coveted one billion monthly active users just four years after its international release. (For context, it took Facebook nearly nine years and Instagram nearly eight years to hit that milestone.)