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How to build true brand community for the long haul

How to build true brand community for the long haul

A conversation with community experts about how to build a community in 2022 and why it even matters at all.

Walgreens' marketing

Walgreens’ approach to marketing: Then and now

Find out more about how Walgreens has evolved since it was established in 1901 and how a longstanding culture of innovation is helping them regain market share.

Marvel marketing

Marketing lessons from Marvel

5 pages to steal from Marvel’s promotional handbook

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Kate Ward of One Day Entertainment on digital creators and their role as world builders

Kate Ward shares her visions on why Creators are world builders and educating the masses.

Tiffany Ferguson on her YouTube journey, the ethics of monetization, and building something beyond her name

Tiffany’s thoughts on money, brand sponsorships, growing a business beyond her name, and the complicated nature of being an anti-consumerist creator in a capitalist society.

Danie Berger of DIY Danie on YouTube on growing an authentic brand as a creator

Danie talks about her journey becoming a full-time creator, what she looks for in brand partnerships, and where her brand will head in the future.

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Social media trends 2022 pepsi snapchat

Social media trends to watch for in 2022

What trends can you cash in on to up your social media game in a constantly-evolving social media landscape? Let’s take a look at how social media is changing and what you can expect in this space during 2022.

 TikTok shopping

#tiktokmademebuyit: Community commerce for customer acquisition

Brands have a unique opportunity right now to leverage this new-ish social commerce trend and use it to blow their customer acquisition goals out of the water. 

Latico Leather brand story

Focusing on customers and leading with compassion by Lainie Schreiber of Latico Leathers

I credit the thriving state of our business to the unwavering dedication of our customers, our heirloom-quality and meticulous attention to detail, our blossoming affiliate program, and our ability to be flexible with the changing times. 

Creator Economy
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Smarter audiences are pressuring fitness creators to run ethical businesses

Here is where popular fitness creators succeed or fail: Remain humble, authentic, and ethical, and your audience will reward you with sustained attention and financial support.

Insecure Issa Rae

How Insecure's Issa Rae is inspiring a generation of content creators

Insecure—written and produced by Issa Rae—has been a transformative show, not just for Black culture, but the entire industry.

Creators run the world

Who runs the world? (Creators)

Creators are about to have leverage, control, and political and cultural influence to the degree that is unprecedented.