Creator Economy Scoop: When TikTok becomes a career coach

March 26, 2024
Olivia Harris
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The Creator Economy Scoop is a roundup of the weekly news, data and trends that are defining the industry. (graphic by Lindsay Hill)

Consumers are turning to social media to navigate major life decisions, and while audiences are welcoming AI creator content with open arms, ethical use cases across the marketing industry remain hazy. Here's the rest of this week's scoop:

Quick numbers 💯

9/10 creators have used generative AI to create content [1]

4 in 10 Gen Z TikTok users quit their job based on advice from the platform [2]

4 in 10 Gen Z TikTok users have made a career related decision based on advice from the app [2]

$24 Billion - TikTok contributed $24 billion to U.S. economy in 2023 [3]

60% of Gen Zs prefer user-generated content videos because they don’t have to spend time searching for what to watch [4]

What you should know  ☕

Squarespace launches a link-in-bio tool

  • Creators can sign up for free and link their online store, website, social pages, products, videos, podcasts, and more

How marketers should measure social media creator campaign performance

  • Paid social media metrics shouldn’t differ much from other ad channels—ROAS, Brand lift, etc.
  • For affiliate marketing, direct attribution is easy
    • Brands should have programs where creators can sign up, get links, post, and get paid for conversions without too much investment on the brand side
  • Organic social should be looked at in terms of brand equity
    • How much people are posting about a brand on social media compared to its competitors

Deloitte releases it’s 18th Digital Media Trends report

  • 54% of people under the age of 41 who say ads on social media influence their purchasing decision the most, over TV ads
  • 60% of Gen Zs prefer user-generated content videos because they don’t have to spend time searching for what to watch
  • 40% of consumers surveyed find videos on social media to be much more diverse than TV shows and movies
Social platforms 📲

TikTok ⏰

  • TikTok introduced Creator Search Insights: a new tool that gives creators insight into topics people are searching for
    • Creators who produce content related to high-demand search topics will enhance their content's "search value". This will earn them rewards through the Creator Rewards program
  • TikTok announced Sounds for Business – Voice Clips. These are 18 custom voiceover audio templates recorded by creators and cleared for brand use

Meta  📸

  • Instagram is testing Reels up to 3 minutes long
  • Instagram announced it was combining the hashtag and search experience. Tapping on a hashtag will bring up search results and the option to follow/unfollow

YouTube 📹

  • YouTube is rolling out a new tool for creators to disclose when realistic content is made with “altered or synthetic media,” including generative AI
Updates in tech 💻

How Generative AI is influencing the creator economy

  • 9/10 creators have used generative AI to create content
  • 92% of marketers have commissioned creator content that has been designed in part or fully using generative AI
  • 3/5 (60%) consumers prefer generative AI creator content over traditional creator content
  • 65% of marketers are willing to pay more for creator content designed using generative AI
  • 73% US creators are more likely to believe brands are willing to pay more for creator content designed using generative AI
  • 70% of marketers plan to increase marketing spend on creator content featuring generative AI in the next 12 months.
Notable partnerships 📓

PBS partners with librarian and creator, Mychal Threets to engage with kids on social media

  • This partnership is a great example of a brand listening to its community—they grew their brand account by 40K followers after Mychal’s first partnered post
  • In 2020, Threets began spreading “library joy” on social media. After going viral several times, followers began tagging PBS and PBS Kids petitioning to revive the Reading Rainbow with Threets
  • In February, Threets announced he’d been made “Resident Librarian” for a new social media series with PBS
  • The PBS team has seen great success in building an engaged online community

MrBeast signed a deal with Amazon MGM Studios for his first traditional TV series

  • Beast Games has a $5 million cash payout — described as the biggest single prize in the history of television and streaming

Under Armour AI debate - Director addresses criticisms and AI’s role in advertising

  • Wes Walker, repped by Tool, created an ad with the help of AI and was met with criticism all over Instagram
  • The ad combined footage from previous UA spots with AI and 3D CG imagery to create new visuals of boxer Anthony Joshua without shooting new footage
  • “One question I keep coming back to is, how do we collectively learn and grow from this? I think a lot of what’s at play right now is just a lot of fear,” says Walker

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