Creator Economy Scoop: AI apprehension and a TikTok election

February 21, 2024
Olivia Harris
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The Creator Economy Scoop is a roundup of the weekly news, data and trends that are defining the industry. (graphic by Lindsay Hill).

Since the Biden-Harris campaign posted its first TikTok last week, the duo has leaned into the unfiltered rhetoric that aligns with the average content creator’s style. As the page garners attention on TikTok, music marketers are turning their backs on the platforms and pivoting to Instagram reels. Here’s the rest of this week’s scoop: 

Finds in AI 

  • Sprout Social found that more than 40% of consumers are slightly or very apprehensive about the use of AI in social media interactions.
  • Coach is testing the convergence of living, breathing and artificial talent with its “Find Your Courage” campaign.
  • Instagram won’t proactively recommend political content and Meta is testing fact-checkers on threads.
  • TikTok announced its AI-powered Creative Assistant is now available within Adobe Express—brainstorm content ideas, generate or refine scripts, or get insights into top-performing ads.
  • Open AI has launched a text-to-video AI model for a select group of creatives. OpenAI says it will be "engaging policymakers, educators and artists around the world to understand their concerns and to identify positive use cases for this new technology."

Marketing moves

  • 33% of US-based social marketers prioritize long-term partnerships with influencers over one-off campaigns (Sprout Social).
  • Social ad spend will hit $82.89 billion this year, a YoY growth of 13.5% (Insider Intelligence).
  • 42% of consumers want brands to focus on short-form content (less than 15 seconds) in 2024 (Sprout Social).

Social platforms

  • Twitter (X) is launching Creator Targeting, an ad program that lets advertisers use Twitter’s self-serve ad manager to run pre-roll video ads against a curated list of premium content creators.
  • Pinterest announced an ad partnership with Google, which means buying into Google’s Ad network will include ads served on Pinterest.

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