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Tech-enabled creator marketing to keep your client's campaigns performing as they grow.

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Creator network

Tap into our network of top creators

Fill every campaign roster with confidence.

Fully authenticated and opted-in network of creators

A large network of diverse creators from underrepresented communities and niche categories

Access creator lifestyle data like an upcoming home or car purchase, pregnancy, wedding, or a new pet


In-house strategic experts on every campaign

You’ll have a team of data-backed experts proactively working with you on every element of your campaign strategy.

Dedicated strategists for every campaign

Strategy backed by research and normative data

Creator audience demographics

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Quality content

Production-level content

Creators produce high-quality content all the time—from lo-fi to hi-fi. They have range, and adapt their production to match your goals.

Whether it’s food commercials, or ASMR for auto, you’ll find specialized creator talent

UGC to studio-level production—you pick based on your goals

From educational and entertainment content, to product reviews and live events, work with creators


Dedicated 1:1 expert support

Our team is here to make sure you’re matched with the right creators, deliverables are handed off on time, and your campaign strategy and creative are a success.

Don’t miss launch dates. We manage campaign schedules and deliverables for you

Too busy? Let us handle the back and forth with creators

Live campaign reviews—so you always know what’s working and how to improve for the next campaign

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Creator content beyond the feed

Your clients can license creator content to use across all their marketing channels. Whether it’s out-of-home, digital ads, print, or in-flight entertainment, create a truly omni-channel creator marketing experience.

“That’s the beauty of #paid for me. It lets clients have the content and expand it past just the creator post.”

Nicholas Kegeyan — Discontent

Stop assuming what’s working 

Keep a pulse on what’s resonating with your target audience and continue to optimize your creator marketing program.

Track how your campaign performs against benchmarks and industry norms

Brand lift studies to measure the impact of your creator marketing programs

Live campaign review to walk through results, insights, and strategy for future growth

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creator marketing

Our team and technology help manage campaigns every step of the way so you can focus on what matters most—your clients.

Contracts and legal fully managed

Automated payouts

Standardized pricing for content and usage rights

“Influencer and creator marketing has a lot more management demands than most marketing individuals are aware of or want to deal with.”

Jon Godfrey — Alternator Group

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