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Creator network

Match with the right creators

Authenticated Creators

All social accounts are authenticated before joining the network—because brand safety is a priority. Trust the creators you partner with.

Creators raise their hand

Every creator sends you a brief pitch of why they’re a fit for your campaign, along with a brief creative concept. We’ll highlight creators that fit best with your campaign.

150+ creator categories

Find ideal creators to reach your consumer profile. Whether it’s finance, travel, health, or home improvement—connect with them on the marketplace.

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Campaign strategy & management

Relax, we take care of everything

Creators pitch campaign ideas

Creators know their audience best. Let them develop creative concepts and create memorable content that resonates with their audience.

Strategy backed by research and trends 

Have confidence in your campaign strategy with benchmarks and normative data from over 30K respondents.

Dedicated strategists

You’ll have a team of experts proactively working with you to make sure every campaign is on schedule, brand safe, and successful.

Concept & content approval

Have full control over the creative and copy that goes live without having to manage any back and forth communication with creators.

Analytics & reporting

Learn insights about your audience

Competitive benchmarking

Know how your campaign performs against industry norms, and other brands targeting the same audience.

Live campaign reporting

Campaign data is refreshed every 24 hours so you always have a pulse on your campaign performance.

Understand what is working and why

Robust brand studies that measure performance and glean insight from consumption behaviours, comment sentiment, message pull through, and the assessment of creative attributes that drive performance.

Campaign wrap up

Your dedicated team of strategists meet with you to walk through campaign results, insights, and strategy for future growth.

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Automated workflows

Never stress about legal and admin tasks

No need to haggle or negotiate

You have access to standardized pricing for content creation and usage rights so you’ll never have to negotiate with creators.

Creator data and demographics

You’ll have access to creator data and audience demographics before going live with every campaign.

Automated creator payments

Never manage creator payments again. Creators are paid automatically once the campaign is completed.

Contracting and legal covered

The contract and legal work you need to launch campaigns are integrated with the marketplace.


Take creator content beyond your social feed

Creator handle licensing

License creator handles and turn creator content into paid social ads that have 2.5x more viewing time than branded ads.

Content rights

License creator content to use across all your marketing channels. Whether it’s out-of-home, digital ads, print, or in-flight entertainment, create a truly omni-channel creator marketing experience.

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“I really appreciate how efficient the #Paid online platform is – from browsing creator hand raises, to adjusting the budget and providing feedback, it was a great experience.”

Victoria Perrotta
Brand Manager — Wonderbrands

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