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Turn content into paid social ads using a creator's handle. It works 3x better than the ads you’re used to.

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"With #paid, the results have been fantastic.  We’ve seen our CPA and ROI come in well above the bar, and we’ve seen thousands of leads generated."

Eva Tang, Head of Marketing Innovation
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Creators, not influencers

We pair you with creators who love your brand. Unlike influencers, creators build awareness with the right audience, and drive ROAS.

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Automate your workflow

Stop haggling creators. All negotiating, contracting, payments, rights, and legal are taken care of.

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"The platform took all of the back-and-forth off of my plate, so I was able to spend time on important aspects of our program."

Marissa Haby, Product Marketing Manager
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"We launched a campaign in under 10 minutes and got to choose from such an authentic roster of creators that were the perfect fit for our brand."

Brittany Doll, Marketing Manager
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