Gwella banks on creators and influencers to win success in edible psychedelics market

May 13, 2024
Emmy Liederman
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Mushrooms. Psychedelics. Microdosing.

If you’re a product of Gen X, as I am, you’re likely to think twice when seeing products associated with these keywords marketed toward you.

And you wouldn’t be alone.

According to Stefany Nieto, co-founder and COO of psychedelic company Gwella, success via traditional advertising is difficult in what’s become an emerging category.

“Paid ads in this space are difficult despite being a completely legal product,” said Nieto. 

Today, Gwella launched its latest product, Mojo Macro, which the company says is a “supercharged evolution of their original Mojo Microdose chewable gummy, containing 2.5X the amount of active ingredients.”

“Our laboratory reverse-engineered a proprietary blend of functional mushrooms, herbs, and roots that lend you the clarity, energy, and patience the modern world demands,” says Gwella, the parent company to Mojo Microdose.

Founded in 2020, part of Gwella and Mojo Microdose’s success in product development is its work with creators and influencers, shying away from traditional marketing tactics. Increase your energy and focus when working from home ✨ @madimaple #mojo #functionalmushrooms #functionalmushrooms ♬ original sound -

“While working with creators helps to bypass those types of (perception) hurdles, it’s not why we do it,” said Nieto. “We work with creators because we’ve found that authentic experiences with Mojo Microdose are the best way to expand our community, gain insight into future product innovation, and learn about new and exciting use-cases for our formula.”

One of those creator campaigns was with influencer Madi Maple, who has more than 100K TikTok followers.

“Aside from a high following and average view count, (Madi) has a strong relationship with her audience,” Nieto said. “She creates content they care about, and in turn they genuinely care about her recommendations. She recently shared an honest review of Mojo Microdose, including her depth of knowledge around mushrooms, which resulted in a 52% increase in sales.”

And it’s not just about having influencers and creators vouch for a product. Nieto says there’s power in helping creators educate prospective customers on an emerging but still young trend.

“Ninety-eight percent of consumers who try Mojo Microdose tend to become repeat customers and we found the best way to get a taste test was through organic word of mouth,” she said. “As such, our social media strategy is focused on promoting, highlighting, and sharing authentic experiences with Mojo Microdose through diverse use-cases from a wellness staple to a long work shift support. Our social media partners and audience are often gifted Mojo Microdose to try and post as a routine staple in their lives.”

 Gwella’s new Mojo Macro is now available online at

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