truLOCAL - Founder and CEO, Marc Lafleur


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truLOCAL is a consumer platform that started four years ago.

Their main objective is to get consumers consuming value-added meat, meaning meat that's 100 percent grass fed, pasture raised, and most importantly, locally sourced.

That means there are strict criteria for farmers and suppliers wanting to join the network. Marc unpacks what the expectations are for everyone joining the marketplace.

COVID-19 has changed things, but truLOCAL is fortunate to be positioned as a DTC brand doing almost all of their business online. They also have the ability to fill boxes in closed-off fulfillment centres. Because operations continue, they've been able to hire as many people as possible. They’ve used this time to adjust their marketing practices to connect more authentically with their customers.

Customer experience is huge for truLOCAL. Marc keeps it as simple as possible with the goal of converting a task that is often seen as a chore, into an enjoyable experience. They don’t tell you what is best between organic and 100 percent grass fed, you decide what is better for you.

Pricing is always an interesting conversation. With a lot of brands cutting, slashing, and offering discounts, Marc shares his approach and plan with truLOCAL.

He also shares his approach to expanding his business. Not just new products, but also moving into new territories.

Marc delves into what it means to be a brand. Anyone can start a cool brand but how do you sustain that brand with your business model?

You might not know this, but Marc started in door-to-door sales. He opens up about his journey to founder of this fast-growing business operating in multiple countries.

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