How Nibble and its AI-powered chat is impacting eCommerce

January 10, 2023
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It's not uncommon to find chat on an eCommerce website.

And it's not uncommon to find a bot-powered chat on an eCommerce website.

But it is uncommon to find an AI-powered chat experience that is willing to negotiate with customers, and do so with ... well ... some personality.

That's exactly what Nibble provides. Rosier Bailey, Nibble's president and CEO, chatted with the DTC Growth Show about Nibble and its potential uses across eCommerce.

Nibble has a number of use cases for eCommerce brands, from trying to push out slow-moving stock to raising AOV and even offering a discount off of MSRPs for a segment of high-intent customers.

But because it has personality, Nibble can also help reinforce what a brand stands for.

"We see a huge amount of honesty in chat. And that's what's so exciting is people really engage with Nibble because we've given it quite an emotive personality. And as a result, it can reinforce brand values," said Bailey. "It can talk about the importance of being a premium brand or a fairtrade coffee, or circular economy marketplace.

What's really amazing about Nibble is how far the AI and natural-language understanding within the chatbot functionality has come.

In the past merchants would have to create 'playbooks' for their chatbots based on an if/then structure.

But Nibble breaks down an entire sentence and really gets to a customer's intent.

"The natural language understanding you can get in these chatbots if you use an AI solution is so much more advanced," said Bailey. "You don't now have to pick apart every pathway, the customer might pass through the chat like a like a flow diagram. If they say this, then take them here, if they say that take them there, you can now actually conduct it in a much more human like way, which is a huge opportunity for engagement."

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