An interview with Privy CMO, Dave Gerhardt


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In this episode, we talk to Dave Gerhardt, the CMO of Privy, and the host of the “Ecommerce Marketing Show” podcast. Dave, who was previously VP of Marketing at Drift, is setting out to help e-commerce entrepreneurs build their business. Privy wants to give small and growing ecommerce brands a leg-up against competition that’s growing by the day. Dave wants Privy to become a leader in e-commerce marketing and education for small businesses.

During his extensive career, Dave has created not one, not two, but three successful podcasts. When he was working at HubSpot, he produced, hosted, and marketed The Growth Show with HubSpot CMO Mike Volpe. Over at Drift, he created and hosted "Seeking Wisdom," and currently at Privy, he has the "Ecommerce Marketing Show." 

In our conversation with Dave, we dive right into his thoughts on copywriting, which he sees as a crucial marketing skill to have. It allows you to not only spread a story but talk to investors, close deals, create captivating websites, and more. He feels that too many organizations get caught up in the software, tech stacks, and analytics of a company and don’t think enough about copywriting. 

We also asked Dave about empathy in marketing and if marketers have forgotten what it means? Dave dove into why he believes empathy is important and why he said it was once the MOST crucial part. Put yourself in the shoes of the person you're trying to sell to. When selling to consumers who are looking at similar products, take the time to make a genuine connection and understand your customer, be empathetic to their needs and how you can aid them, not just sell to them.

“ words to encourage marketers would be to stop thinking about that thing that you want to do and just go do. Do it, test it, send out an email to your list and say, I'm thinking about launching a podcast, would you listen.” - Dave Gerhardt.

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