Linear commerce and Nelk


Let's talk Nelk and linear commerce. Nelk started as a prank channel on YouTube. Over the years, they've evolved into more of a lifestyle vlogging channel. They've become wildly popular. 

4.7 million subscribers.

4.45m views per video (avg across last 6 videos).

Their content is controversial. It's edgy and super bro-y. They say @fullsend a lot. Because of their content, they've been banned from monetizing on YouTube countless times. So instead, Nelk went deep into linear commerce, built around the @FullSend brand—they are crushing it.

When they drop a new line of products, it's always limited and it always sells out. Usually within minutes. They tie their product drops seamlessly with the antics, catch phrases, etc. from their vlogs. These all become products sold on They started with clothing, but have expanded—bottle openers, flags—you name it. 

That is the low hanging fruit. Nelk didn't stop there. They've excellently tied their content roadmap directly to the future products they sell. Here's an example 👇

A year ago or so, a fitness-focused Youtuber, Bradley Martin, started showing up in their weekly videos. Bradley became a staple in many Nelk vlogs. And so the Nelk crew started working out and talking about fitness regularly. Fitness became a core part of their vlogs. This wasn't random. It was a well-thought out plan that deeply connected their content to commerce strategy. Yesterday they launched— branded line of fitness supplements. Guess what? It fully sold out. In less than 1 day!

Regardless of what you think of their controversial content, these guys are masters at linear commerce. They marry their content, audience relationship, and commerce strategy in a seamless way. It's super effective. They sell out every time there's a new drop. As Creators continue to grow in prominence over the next decade, we're going to see a lot more of this. Linear commerce is simple in concept, but difficult in execution. But when done well, Creators have the opportunity to build major, multi-million dollar commerce brands.

Beyond linear commerce, the creator economy has unbound opportunity. Linear commerce, brand partnership, premium content, and more. We're going to continue seeing a lot more creativity coming from this space. It's just getting started.If you're in the creator or DTC space and want to educate yourself on Linear Cogreat place to start.

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