Fix My Churn—Founder & CEO, Val Geisler


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In this episode, we talk to Val Geisler, the CEO of Fix My Churn. She's on a mission to increase conversions, and decrease churn. She drops a bunch of email and marketing knowledge that will help you now.

Val works with brands to... fix churn. And the main channel she uses for onboarding and customer communication is email. Lots of other great channels, but that's the main one.

Don't pit acquisition and retention. They're friends. Marketers need to learn to split their focus, and adjust it at different times throughout the year. And if you don't know how to approach your retention, ask yourself what you'd do  if you could never acquire another customer again. I love that question.

I also appreciate the dinner party approach to building welcome and onboarding email sequences. Val calls it the dinner party strategy, and you can get her full guide for free.

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