Creator success case study: Hyundai and Culture Brands

May 13, 2024
Emmy Liederman
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Creator marketing can be a big investment for many eCommerce and DTC brands. It often begs the question, “is it worth it?” This new case study series will evaluate different campaigns to give you a better idea of just how successful creator marketing campaigns can be. Let’s kick off the series with an awesome campaign from Hyundai and Culture Brands.

The Brand:


Campaign name:

Okay, Hyundai “Day in the Life”

Creators involved:

Campaign overview:

QYOU Media worked with auto industry giant Hyundai to drive mass awareness, consideration, and excitement for their new electric SUV, the IONIQ 5, among the African American community. This agency, in collaboration with Culture Brands, produced a large-scale social video effort on TikTok featuring top Influencers, custom creative, in-house content production and content amplification. 

This multicultural effort showcased four different Creators’ “Day in the Life” with their IONIQ 5 and its capability to plug in electrical devices, all tied together with the “Okay Hyundai!” tagline. Here’s what the creator campaign looked like in action:

  • Emmanuel Duverneau (15,300,000 subscribers) showed us how he upgraded his picnic game.
  • Brother of Color (13,700,00 subscribers) took us on a tour of LA’s best donuts in his IONIQ 5.
  • Rodney Lee (4,800,000 subscribers) recalled passing time in the car while Mom got groceries.
  • Loren Sharice (872,500 subscribers) got us in the mood to have some fun as she took us through some pre-party errands in her Hyundai. 

The team collaborated closely with each creator to develop and produce brand-aligned content that remained unique and specific to each influencer’s unique style and voice while simultaneously showcasing different key features of the vehicle. This approach gave Creators more freedom to integrate the brand into their content authentically.

Why this campaign was unique:

  • Uniqueness: Allowing creators to infuse their personal style into the campaign creative serves to increase organic engagement.
  • Creator diversification: Partnering with a variety of creators with different content styles, served to organically showcase an array of vehicle features in a natural way that resulted in positive engagement from audiences centered around specific features.
  • Targeting: Leveraging creators with strong ties to the AA community helped to increase positive sentiment, credibility and brand consideration within the campaign’s target audience.

The ads:

@emmanuelduverneau #ad Picnics = Upgraded in the Hyundai IONIQ 5! 🥑🌶️ #OkayHyundai @HyundaiUSA ♬ Okay Hyundai - Emmanuel Duverneau
@kidrl #ad Mom can take ALL the time she needs when I'm in her Hyundai IONIQ 5 😂 #OkayHyundai @Hyundai USA ♬ Okay Hyundai - Rodney Lee
@lorensharice #ad There's nothing I can't do in my Hyundai IONIQ 5 💁🏾‍♀️ including my HAIR-DO 🤣 #OkayHyundai @hyundaiusa Extremely Limited Availability. 2022 IONIQ 5 is available in limited quantities at select dealers in select states only. Contact your Hyundai dealer for availability details. #ioniq5 ♬ Okay Hyundai - LorenSharice
@brotherofcolor #ad 🚙 Hyundai IONIQ 5 ➡️ Donut Chariot 🍩 #OkayHyundai @hyundaiusa ♬ Okay Hyundai - Brotherofcolor

Success metrics:

Not only did these influencers drive the vehicles, they drove results! With four influencer posts, ​​the campaigns generated:

  • 523K engagements, reaching 22M Total Subscribers
  • 10.5M video views
  • 5% engagement rate
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