Report | COVID-19 & Evolving Consumer Behaviors


Our team gathered insights on how COVID-19 is impacting consumer behavior.

We looked to our partners and other thought leaders in media, retail, and digital. We incorporated their findings with ours to understand what's happening across markets and make predictions based on these trends.

Here's what we cover in the report:

1. How COVID-19 has evolved the way consumers shop

2. How COVID-19 has evolved the way consumers interact with the world.

3. How brands can participate in the conversation

Watch our Head of Measurement & Insights, Richelle Batuigas, outline how consumer behavior has evolved with the COVID-19 outbreak

#paid_COVID-10 & Evolving Consumer Trends cover page
#paid_How consumers are shopping
#paid_Key consumer behavioral thresholds
#paid_Across the globe, there's a surge in ecommerce sales
#paid_Consumers are visiting ecommerce sites more
#paid_Certain categories are growing online
#paid_This is a behavior that's likely to stay
#paid_Nielson_There is an emergence of a new retail environment
#paid_The 2003 SARS outbreak was a turning point for ecommerce in China
#paid_Other trends we're seeing
#paid_Cater to your consumers' new needs
#paid_How consumers now interact
#paid_Americans and Canadians are increasingly isolating
#paid_When stuck indoors people will increase media consumption by over 60%
#paid_Canadians rely on social media while social distancing
#paid_Consumers are engaging with creator content 2.5x more than they used to
#paid_Conversation in key categories remains consistent through the pandemic
#paid_Self-isolation has resulted in emerging interests and needs
#paid_Self-isolation has resulted in emerging interests and needs
#paid_Self-isolation has resulted in emerging interests and needs_2
#paid_There's more room to connect with consumers online than ever before
#paid_How your brand participates in the conversation
#paid_Lead with empathy
#paid_Gartne_Long before the coronavirus emerged, consumer trust in both government and large brands had eroded.
#paid_Kantar_The most important thing is for marketers to suspend their own viewpoint and put themselves in the consumers shoes
#paid_Kantar_Whatever the strategy it is of course critical that it is seen as authentic
#paid_Sidlee_Adjusting creative mix is key for brands communicating during the crisis
#paid_Creators are credible realistic relatable authentic