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Request your proposal in minutes

Complete our brief template to provide us with as much information about your influencer marketing needs as possible. This will help us craft an insight-driven, proposal for you in the shortest amount of time.

Tell us about the brand

The best possible proposal and recommendations are developed with strong insights from all parties. The more information we know about the brand, the more personalized our proposal will be.

Tell us about your campaign

Share any thoughts you have about how your campaign will come to life. This will help us design an influencer program to best achieve your goals.

Which content inspires you?

Select the images that are in the style, quality and feel that best resonate with the campaign you have in mind.

Share the brand's guidelines

Brand safety is important to us all. Share any and all post requirements you would like the influencers to be aware of before they agree to participate in the campaign.

Share your target audience

The more information we know about your target audience, the more accurate our influencer recommendations will be.

Select your program

With many years of influencer and campaign data, we are able to benchmark our deliverables. As a result, we guarantee the minimums provided in your proposal and strive to overdeliver.

What are you looking for?

Are you looking for branded content for your social media accounts, website, or other marketing initiatives or to mobilize influencers to promote the brand through their channels? Maybe a combination of the two?

Campaign Title

e.g. Nike "START BACK STRONG" Back to School Campaign

Proposal Due Date

Note: our team needs a maximum of 7 days, but typically turnaround time is even quicker.

The Brand

Explain why influencers should get excited about the brand. What does the brand represent?

The Brand's Marketing Challenge

If this campaign accomplishes one main goal, what would you want that to be?

e.g. Our challenge is convincing Gen Z'ers and young millennials that Nike shoes should be the go-to shoe brand for lifestyle wear — not just the gym and sports.


If we know who your competitors are, we can audit their social channels, and provide personalized recommendations as to how you can best position yourself.

e.g. Our brand aims to provide inspiration and innovation for every athlete in the world, whether you’re a professional athlete or amateur.


You may not want influencers you work with to collaborate with other competing brands. We can facilitate exclusivity agreements to ensure the influencers you work with don’t work with other brands in your product category.

Show category exclusivity options


What is the primary goal you are trying to achieve?

Tip: Influencer marketing is primarily a brand awareness tactic. If you’re thinking about a performance marketing campaign, there are components of an influencer marketing campaign that can have direct response elements, i.e. Link in Bio or Native Amplification, which can be optimized towards driving traffic or conversions.

Campaign Details

e.g. Our collection has a right shoe for any occasion and a perfect fit for your lifestyle. Tip: Is this campaign part of a larger marketing initiative? Let us know.

e.g. Share this post, try this product, use this hashtag, click the link in bio

Content Due

When would you like your content to be delivered?

Flight Dates

When would you like your first post to go live?

When should the final post go live?

Do's and Don'ts

Outline the absolute must-haves for this campaign. Remember, influencers typically know the best way to engage with their audience. The more creative control you give them, the stronger your execution will be.

e.g. Ensure my product is the primary focal point for at least 25% of the content

E.g. Influencers should not be seen drinking alcohol or using profanity in their content

Other Requirements

Separate accounts with commas (e.g. @one, @two, @three)

Separate hashtags with commas (e.g. #one, #two, #three)

For campaigns that require clicks to a site, links in bios are generally kept for 24 hours after posting


  • Small influencer roster
  • Few collaborations
  • Narrow reach
  • Minimal engagements
  • Less than $1.49 CPE
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  • Medium influencer roster
  • More collaborations
  • Wide reach
  • Average engagements
  • Less than $1.19 CPE
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  • Large influencer roster
  • Most collaborations
  • Wider reach
  • Maximum engagements
  • Less than $0.99 CPE
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  • Custom deliverables*
  • *live streams, in-person event activations, national scale campaigns, etc

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Native Amplification

Increase your reach and targeting capabilities by natively amplifying top performing content through influencers’ accounts. Allocate incremental budget to a whitelisted paid media buy on Facebook and/or Instagram.

Add native amplification

Branded Content

Leverage the social intelligence of the most popular content creators online to develop custom branded content for your traditional, digital, retail, or OOH initiatives.

Extended Content Rights

Every piece of content purchased from us automatically includes the rights to re-post on your owned and operated social channels. We also offer extended rights to leverage your content even further - on any digital or offline medium.

Review #paid's Rights and Ownership Terms »

Product Shipping

If you would like influencers to incorporate your product into their content, we can facilitate shipping or provide you with the influencers’ mailing addresses to ship to them directly.

I would like my product distributed to influencers


*subject to local taxes