The #paid process

Leading brands trust us to find the right influencers, deliver engaging content, and analyze key metrics


Tell us what you need

Submit an RFP in under 2 minutes and our team will begin designing a creative strategy for your needs.


Creative strategy and automated recommendations

Our recommendation engine will generate an influencer list based on your specific campaign details. The list is then reviewed by our in-house talent managers to ensure perfection, before being sent back to you for approval.


Quickly approve everything

Be sure every piece of content, caption, mention, and hashtag is on-brand and delivers the message you want to send. Review and approve all posts before they go live.


Sit back and relax

A fully dedicated account manager will be by your side while the campaign achieves your marketing objectives. We are committed to making your program a success.


Enjoy your results

A customized wrap-up report will be presented upon campaign completion—providing a qualitative and quantitative analysis of each influencer post as well as overall campaign performance.

Best practices for you

Simple steps to prevent headaches

Providing you with the data, technology, and expertise to activate your influencer marketing program efficiently and effectively.

Fair market pricing

We verify pricing accuracy

Influencers are typically priced per post based on several data points, including their follower count, engagement rate, and post frequency. As influencers’ metrics fluctuate, their post prices do too.

Partner disclosures

Keeping you protected

The FTC, ASC, and ASA all require that social media posts contain mandatory disclosures that outline the relationship between influencers and your brand. If there is a relationship established, you are liable and subject to potential fines. At #paid, we enforce mandatory disclosure for all.

Approving content

Brand safety is a top priority

Ensure that the content being created is relevant and the captions are delivering your brand’s message. Always remember to check the handles, hashtags, and mentions too. These are key components of your campaign and will impact performance.

Tracking posts

Real-time tracking analyzed by our team of experts

For continued success calculate your cost per impression or engagement, social sentiment score, or any other relevant KPI. This data offers insight into how best to invest future dollars; whether to double down on the strongest performers or amplify top content natively.

Launch your influencer program

A member of the #paid team will be in touch with you within 2 business days