Case Study

The holiday creator campaign that ranked Interac No. 1 for brand affinity and awareness

1.45 million
Total organic engagements across Instagram and TikTok
Exceeded total organic Instagram engagement goal
Organic link clicks
38 points
Growth in brand affinity

Interac, a familiar brand to many Canadians and the service that powers most of our electronic financial transactions. Interac is the Canadian debit card system that serves as an interbank network linking financial institutions and enterprises for the transferring of funds.

The Goal

Interac wanted to build a stronger emotional connection with their audience by demonstrating the role they play in creating great experiences and memories around the holidays. The goal of the campaign was to grow familiarity of the brand and be top of mind for its customers during the holiday season, while reinforcing the brand’s key message that consumers should feel good about what they spend their money on by spending wisely.

The Campaign Strategy

For the holiday campaign, Interac partnered with six creators to share Instagram stories and posts speaking to Interac’s key benefits and campaign message. The creators each shared posts about how they planned to use their Interac debit card over the holidays. The campaign strategy was to connect with the creators’ audience in a way that helped the message resonate, so they spoke about using their card to share more experience with friends and family rather than just gifts and toys. 

The Results

The holiday campaign organically reached over 116,000 people with more than 139,000 impressions, totaling 110,000 organic engagements. It was a huge success, ranking Interac No. 1 for both brand affinity and brand awareness against their competitive set. Not only was the objective exceeded, but the campaign also reduced the cost per unique reach benchmark.

The brand lift study with #paid showed a lift across all brand metrics; awareness, familiarity, affinity, recommendation intent, and use intent. To add, consumers looked at the Interac creator ad more than the norm, interacting with it more than other non-influencer ads. Finally, Consumers had a 90% recall of the brand’s message after viewing the creator's posts.