Case Study

The holiday creator campaign that made Flex & Seal the most loved brand among its competitors

No. 1
Most loved brand out of its competitive set
Positive organic sentiment within creator audiences
Percentage of reached audience that understood the brand’s benefits
Percentage of respondents that were able to recall the brand, increasing familiarity and consideration

Scotch, a 3M brand, has been around for nearly a century and has become a household name for mending, building, and packaging. Scotch developed the Flex & Seal Shipping roll which disrupted the shipping space with their three-layer construction that provides water and tear resistance cushion and a secure seal.

The Goal

Scotch recently Flex & Seal, offering a better packaging alternative to people who ship often. They were looking to partner with creators to have them introduce the product to their audience, encouraging trials for 3M Flex & Seal at Walmart and Target.

The Campaign Strategy

Scotch worked with #paid to source 12 creators who were mothers, entrepreneurs, or both, to target audiences who are frequent shippers and would resonate with the Flex & Seal product messaging. We then launched an Instagram campaign where 6 creators would speak to the value of the product and where to find it at Walmart, while the other 6 spoke to finding it at Target.

The Results

The campaign outperformed all benchmarks and norms across both organic posts and paid amplification. The Flex & Seal campaign met its main objectives in increasing Flex & Seal’s familiarity and consideration, while making them the most loved brand out of its competitive set. 90% of their audience now understand the brand’s benefits and 74% of respondents were able to recall the brand. 

What’s more, the collective audiences had a 96% positive organic sentiment, with some really incredible post engagement and comments.

“I showed my husband and he was like whattttt 🤩😂 Even got the hubby mesmerized. I need this stuff for the holidays!”
- Creator