Case Study

How Sephora launched a Diwali campaign achieving 96% positive sentiment

campaign view rate
overall positive sentiment. The audience engaged with the campaign, showing a connection to the Diwali messaging.
the percentage of paid landing page views that came from Facebook

The Goal

Sephora Canada launched a Diwali campaign looking to inspire South Asian clients to purchase prestige beauty products to celebrate this festival that is rooted in light and newness. They wanted to inspire clients with products and brands that would help them create the perfect Diwali look. 

The Campaign Strategy

Sephora partnered with seven creators, each with their own story and connection to Diwali, to build awareness around the brand’s industry leading assortment of beauty products perfect for the occasion. By partnering with creators they were able to tell stories in an authentic and relatable way that could highlight their products more meaningfully.

The Result

Sephora achieved a 65% view rate with a 96% positive sentiment, meaning their target audience engaged or felt connected to their Diwali messaging. The campaign’s TikTok content that achieved high organic interaction rates saw even better results when the content was used for paid amplification. Ninety-six percent of the paid landing page views came from facebook, meaning it was the most efficient channel for driving traffic to the brand.