Case Study

How Samsung grew brand affinity by 38 points through partnering with creators

1.45 million
Total organic engagement across Instagram and TikTok
The amount the campaign exceeded the total organic Instagram engagements goal
Total organic link clicks
38 points
Growth in brand affinity

Samsung is one of the largest manufacturers of electronics and the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones and smartphones. Its most recent product launches include the Galaxy S22, the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and Samsung Galaxy Note.

The Goal

Samsung’s main objective for the creator campaign was to showcase that their hardware combined with Google’s software makes for the most powerful electronic product on the market. 

The Campaign Strategy

Samsung worked with #paid to develop a campaign strategy that would increase consideration by illustrating the different reasons for switching to an Android device. Through a collaboration with four creators, the campaign set out to bring awareness to the many benefits of being an Android user, all told through the authentic lives of each creator. 

The Results

Samsung saw great success with the campaign. Creators were able to effectively highlight Samsung’s powerful devices and as a result, the learnings about the useful product features led the audience to be more likely to consider Samsung products in the future. 

Samsung’s key campaign objective of increasing brand affinity was exceeded with a 38 point increase after being exposed to the creator ads. Additionally, with the #paid brand lift study we were able to measure custom brand attributes and their associated perception shifts, like the following:

Samsung ...

  • “Is a model that offers good value for money” - 56 point increase
  • “Offers a range of features that meet all of my needs”- 45 point increase
  • “Makes me feel smart and ahead of others”- 33 point increase
  • “Helps me to be productive” - 30 point increase
  • “Protects my privacy”- 29 point increase
  • “Is youthful, cool, and trendy” - 27 point increase

The campaign had 1.45 million total organic engagements across Instagram and TikTok, exceeding the desired Instagram engagement goal by 206 percent. Samsung also drove an impressive 1,500 organic link clicks from the four creators' Instagram and TikTok posts.

“#paid was amazing to work with. Everyone was super flexible and understanding of corporate requirements. The key account team that managed our program was very timely and responsive to the needs of the business!” - Samsung