Case Study

How Royale drove coupon downloads for a product launch using creator marketing

The percentage above engagement total, reaching a total of 648K engagements
Audience recall of campaign messaging
Net coupon downloads
Below organic cost-per-engagement target

The Goal

Royale was launching new product packaging for the Velour line of tissue paper and wanted to roll out a creator marketing campaign to grow consideration and drive downloads of promotional coupons to facilitate purchases. Royale wanted to better understand the impact of creator content, particularly against core brand metrics for Velour. 

The Campaign Strategy

#paid worked with Royale to source 10 creators who were all users or fans of Royale Velour. Each of them shared posts about using Royale Velour in their home and with their family, and then prompted their audience to download a coupon to try the toilet paper for free. The campaign involved different creatives and audiences, to better understand how to optimize their messaging and audience targeting. Royale planned to run the organic campaign with 10 creators and then run paid amplification with the top performing creator content with #paid’s creator licensing. 

The Results

The Royale Velour campaign rolled out 86 posts among ten creators, and was a hit among their audiences. With the help of creators' reach, the campaign grew coupon downloads on the target site by 2000 leveraging Facebook paid amplification with creator licensing. 

The campaign exceeded its engagement targets by 330%, reaching 648,000 total engagements. The branded creator content drove a 72% recall among women and parents and of its key competitors, Royale ranked top in core brand metrics.

“We love Royale over here too, especially Zoe! She can’t resist unrolling it all over the bathroom floor. Lol”
- Customer