Case Study

How Precision Nutrition achieved a 4:1 ROAS with creator media

Return on ad spend
Decrease in cost per acquisition cost
Campaign signups
3.1 million
Campaign impressions

One of the pioneers of online fitness, Precision Nutrition’s blend of coaching, education, and software has helped more than 100,000 people get into “the best shape of their lives.” They built those numbers being experts at digital marketing to trainers and fitness enthusiast.  When they turned their attention to CrossFit though, they knew they needed to add to their marketing toolbox.  That’s when Eva Tang, Head of Marketing Innovation said, “what about influencers?”

The Goal

There was a problem though—Precision Nutrition didn’t believe in influencer marketing, at least not traditional influencer marketing.  They’d too often seen fitness influencer be pay-to-play, providing endorsements for products that they never used or believed in just to get paid. That kind of inauthenticity didn’t align with the deep connection Precision Nutrition builds with each and every one of its customers. That’s where #paid came in.

The Campaign Strategy

The promise of creator media was enough to convince Eva and the team to give #paid a try, but it was #paid’s ability to function as an extension of her team that was most exciting.  “The #paid team really plugged in to our team, helping with the on-boarding, the coordination, the optimization with all of the campaigns that we ran,” said Eva, continuing, “It was something we couldn’t have done without them.”

The Results

The organic results for Precision were great. The creator posts had over 90,000 story views and a positive sentiment score in comments 350% above benchmark.  However, it was #paid’s creator licensing that amplified the campaign’s best content to drive significant acquisition for Precision Nutrition.  

As part of the creator licensing, #paid ran over one hundred and fifty ad tests to determine the top performing creative and messaging for Precision’s Campaign.  As a result, #paid was able to achieve an overall CPA 10% below target, driving 1,300+ signups, and a campaign ROAS above 4:1.

Since then, they haven’t looked back. After just 60 days on the platform, Precision Nutrition inked a long-term subscription, increasing their spend with #paid by 326%.

“What stood out to me was #paid’s focus on creator media, where you have folks with a voice, and a platform, and an authentic connection to their audience, working with a company with a similar voice and audience and values, creating really authentic win-win collaborations”
Eva Tang
Head of Marketing Innovation