Case Study

How Philips Hue lit up social media feeds and inspired consumers to personalize their space

Percentage of consumers who responded positively to the campaign
9 in 10
Consumers who interacted with the campaign were likely to purchase Philips Hue
Organic engagement rate

Philips Hue is a leader in the energy-efficient lighting space, offering the largest range of indoor and outdoor smart LED lights.

The Goal 

Philips Hue was looking to launch a creator marketing campaign that could show their target audience how easy and fun it is to create your own ambiance at home with their lights. The goal was to encourage audience engagement on the posts and increase purchase intent of Philips Hue lights.

The Campaign Strategy

The Philips Hue team partnered with 23 creators, and let each of them highlight their own space using different coloring, styling, and set up. Philips Hue wanted to inspire the creators' audiences to consider what their own spaces could look like if they personalized their homes with the smart LED bulbs. The content ranged from a family in a warmly lit dining room, to a gamer’s office setup, to outdoor patio lighting, each resonating with their own audiences.

The Results

The campaign outperformed nearly all its benchmarks and norms and all 15 posts outperformed the norm—a huge success for the Philips Hue team. 87% of consumers responded positively to the campaign, either liking or loving the content, putting the campaign 18 points above the norm. What’s more, the campaign moved the needle on the bottom of funnel metrics, with more than 9 in 10 consumers likely to purchase Philips Hue.

Overall, the campaign was a hit. Consumers found the content especially relatable and inspiring seeing all the personalized lighting setups throughout the creators’ homes.

“The platform took a lot of the back-and-forth off of my plate, so I was able to spend time on other aspects of our marketing program."
Marissa Haby
Product Marketing ManagerPhilips Hue