Case Study

How IKEA used creator marketing to drive in-store traffic and decrease the cost per visit by 40%

decrease in cost per in-store visit
exceeded engagement target, with 110K+ total engagements
exceeded total reach target, with more than 2.4M views
exceeded YouTube reach target

The goal

IKEA, the Swedish multinational conglomerate most famously known for its ready-to-assemble furniture, was launching its new product catalog in 2020 and looking to increase awareness and get customers excited about the new line of products.

The Campaign Strategy

IKEA partnered with the wireless speaker and home sound system company, SONOS, to roll out a creator marketing campaign. IKEA’s main objective was to increase awareness and consideration of new products available online and in-store via their catalog on both Instagram and YouTube. #paid worked with the team to cull through hundreds of creators interested in working with the brands to come up with a list of seven who were perfectly aligned with the campaign's goals. The creators were all loyal customers and fans of IKEA’s home decor and furniture. Each of them highlighted their connection with the brand and were able to showcase new products through Instagram stories and posts, and YouTube video posts.

The Result

After working with #paid on this campaign, IKEA and SONOS co-branded 54 pieces of content with seven creators. IKEA also ran a traffic lift study where we are able to track movement via mobile phones with a control group vs. a test group that are served the ads. IKEA saw a 40% decrease in their cost per in-store visit. The campaign achieved a total of 110,000+ impressions, which was 381% more than their engagement target and reached 2.4M+ people. They were 77% above their reach target and outperformed their YouTube reach target by 212%.