Case Study

Cheerios takes the lead as No. 1 healthy cereal option with the help of creators

Percentage of consumers who responded positively to the campaign.
30 points
The lift across brand perception statements. Light purchasers significantly improved their understanding of Cheerios.
No. 1
Cheerios' rank as the top healthy cereal option, according to respondents.
15 points
Increase in moms seeing Cheerios as a healthier option.

The Goal

General Mills was looking to improve consumers’ health perceptions around the Whole Grain product family as a healthier cereal option—particularly among its primary target group of mothers. 

The Campaign Strategy

General Mills worked with #paid to leverage some of the top health and wellness creators across Canada to grow their voice in the healthy cereal space and change perceptions around whole grains being a healthy cereal option. To ensure their message would resonate, they targeted women between 25 and 54, partnering with four creators on Instagram.

The Results

The campaign ran for six weeks and outperformed all of its goals. The campaign successfully shifted consumers' perceptions of grains’ healthiness, particularly amongst moms. The brand also learned that leveraging registered dieticians adds validity to the campaign and earns trust from the target audience. 72% of consumers responded positively, either liking or loving the campaign and were attracted to content that demonstrated innovative ways to eat and integrate the cereal into their lifestyles.

#paid ran a brand lift study to help General Mills understand and measure the impact of the campaign. Because of the campaign, Cheerios took the lead as the No. 1 healthy cereal option, beating No. 2 by nine points. In addition, General Mills saw a 30-point lift across brand perception statements and light purchasers significantly improved their understanding of Cheerios. Finally, mom’s resonated with the messaging and saw Cheerios as a healthier option, rating the campaign more credible than non-moms by 15 points.