Why you should keep your sponsored content on your feed after a collaboration

As content creators, we sometimes delete or archive our sponsored posts after our collaborations ends. Maybe because the post didn’t fit our aesthetic as much as we hoped or maybe it didn’t perform as well as expected. Whatever the reason may be, we definitely suggest rethinking that on your next collaboration because there are many benefits to keeping your sponsored content live on your feed after it ends. Here are a few:

1. It builds your portfolio for future collaborations.
Often times we get stuck in a bubble of creating certain types of content that feels comfortable to us. Brand collaborations get you thinking outside of the box and help evolve your style in new and creative ways. Keeping these differentiating posts up on your feed allows other brands to scroll through and recognize your creativity and possibly be able to see their brand as a great fit for a sponsored post in the future. Keeping sponsored content on your feed is almost like building your portfolio or resume as a content creator for future partnerships and collaborations. You never know who might be scrolling through your feed – your next big partnership could be looking at your content right now!

Why you should keep your sponsored content on your feed after a collaboration

Why you should keep your sponsored content on your feed after a collaboration
Image: Sweet As Fiction

2. It builds your credibility as an influencer. 
Not only does it build your “portfolio”, it also builds your credibility as a professional influencer. When sponsored posts are executed effectively, it shows brands, agencies, and even your followers that you take your work as an influencer seriously and have built a platform that brands see the worthy of investment. These sponsored posts ultimately illustrate your ability to create content that is true to you and on target with the brands as well as how engaged your following is with the brands that you partner with.

3. It helps maintain a strong relationship with the brand.
You invest a lot of time and effort in creating content for sponsored posts. It is important to remember that brands also invest time and effort to create the campaigns. When a brand goes to catch up on your feed and sees that you have deleted the post from your partnership, it may be harmful to your relationship. Keeping the post on your feed shows the brand that you believe in the brand itself and the content that you both worked together to create.

Why you should keep your sponsored content on your feed after a collaboration

Why you should keep your sponsored content on your feed after a collaboration
Image:Jessica Lam

3. It encourages your followers to be more engaged/used to seeing sponsored content.
Authenticity is vital when building a loyal audience and a strong digital brand. A big piece of “authenticity” is being transparent with your followers when you create sponsored content; thanks to the FTC, the guidelines are becoming more and more clear on how to do that. By keeping sponsored posts on your feed, your followers will learn to expect sponsored content from you in the future. The more comfortable your followers are with seeing your sponsored posts, the more you will be able to maintain your normal engagement rate on sponsored posts as well.

Check out our blog post about why authentic partnership disclosures benefit vs. harm you.

4. It provides accurate analytics for future collaborations. 
Choosing to keep your sponsored content on your feed also allows the analytics to continue to be tracked on the post for future collaborations. These analytics are extremely important, especially when it comes to sponsored content, because they let you see what worked and what maybe didn’t work as well on your feed. This will help you create better content for future collaborations and give you and brands insight on how your followers engage with your sponsored content.

These benefits should definitely help you decide to keep your sponsored content on your feed! Sign up and join #ThePaidCrew community by clicking the link below to start creating sponsored content with amazing brands.

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