How to determine which talent agency is the right fit for you

As a content creator, you may be getting to the point in your career that you need help from a talent agency. What exactly does a talent agency do? Well, they basically have a roster of “talent” whom they help find work for. With so many different agencies out there, it becomes a bit overwhelming to know which talent agency is the right fit for you. I mean, they are going to be helping you find work for the content you have worked so hard to create! So, here are some of our best tips for determining which talent agency is the best fit for you:

How to determine which talent agency is the right fit for you
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1. Do your research about the agent’s experience & employment background.
Have the agents at the agency had specific experience in your type of talent? This is definitely a large factor when choosing an agency, as you want an agent who understands the industry at large and can really pull from their past work experiences to help you grow & find work. If you are a fashion content creator looking to grow and work with large fashion brands, and they have never worked with fashion content before, maybe it isn’t the best fit? Sounds pretty obvious, but it really is something to keep in mind!

2. Ask yourself: What type of talent does the agency specialize in?
Asking yourself this question goes a bit hand-in-hand with our first tip. What kind of talent does the agency specialize in? Some agencies are more known for modelling, acting, singing, influencers, etc.. Looking at where their success has been in the past and what type of talent they flourish in could be a major factor in your decision!  According to an article written by, Top Hollywood Acting Coach, some agencies are “full service”, where they cater to all kinds of talent, but it is important to determine which departments they are strongest in. Having a seamless fit within the type of talent they have already successfully managed in the past will only help your success in finding work as well.

How to determine which talent agency is the right fit for you
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3. Ask yourself: How many other people are on their talent roster?
If the agency has hundreds of talent on their roster, your next question should be: How many talent agents do they have? The last thing you want to do is sign a contract with an agency that only has so many few agents per a ton of talent on their roster. This would cause you to get lost in the mix and have a larger disconnect with you and your manager. You want to be able to have timely responses from your manager, and know that your agent is spending a good chunk of their time in their week looking for new work for you.

4. Ask yourself: Are they at the right level for you in your career?
As you grow, the type of work you’re going to get is also going to change with that growth. Looking at what kind of work they have gotten their past talent is definitely something that you want to look into. Are they getting their talent the work that is on par with the kind of growth you are seeing for yourself? Having similar outlooks on growth between you and the agency is a huge factor when deciding which talent agency is the right fit for you.

5. Go with your gut when deciding which talent agency is the right fit!
Ultimately, with these kinds of decisions, going with your gut feeling is usually right. It is helpful to meet face to face with the agency and have the time to chat before signing any kind of contract. When meeting like this, you are able to really get a sense of whether or not they align with your values, long-term goals, and overall mindset about your career growth.

Making the decision to sign a contract with a talent agency is a huge step and knowing which talent agency is the right fit is a big task! So, if you still aren’t sure and want to continue finding work on your own, sign-up and create a profile on #paid, where the work comes straight to you!  Join #ThePaidCrew community and start working with world-class brands.

Natalie is a fashion/lifestyle influencer and freelance social media manager from downtown Toronto. You will most likely spot her shopping for the latest street-style trends or walking in the city with her mini wiener dog, Louie. On Instagram, she goes by @natalie.alysa. Natalie is a member of #ThePaidCrew editorial team.