The value of having your own blog/YouTube Channel

Social media trends are always changing. A new algorithm can completely disrupt your momentum, and bury your content. That’s why now is the perfect time to start focusing on building up your website and YouTube presence! In this post, I’m sharing 5 reasons why it’s important to focus on your website or channel.

Instagram is all about new and timely content. A blog can refer your readers to helpful content that’s relevant months, even years into the future. For example, an Instagram post about winter boots might be relevant for a couple days in people’s feeds, however a full blog post referring your readers to options can be re-shared and repurposed every year!

One of my most popular posts is a post on how to style a pair of boots… and while I posted it last year, readers are still visiting the post for tips and recommendations. This year, I updated the post with up-to-date links, and plan on adding a second outfit to offer my readers more advice. Updating and improving evergreen content is one of the most useful reasons to maintain a blog!



While your Instagram handle might be the first result on Google, it’s important to build up a site with strong articles, and good backlinks. Who knows, your blog might become more popular than your social presence in the end and lead to more opportunities down the road!

YouTube is also a great way to improve your search results. While a blog post can get buried, a good video with great keywords in the video title and description is put at the top of search results! For example, I did a video on a designer belt, and when you search the terms in Google, my video pops right up! This has led to a lot of conversions, as well as traffic to my website and social accounts too.

While sponsored posts on Instagram are here to stay—a blog post or YouTube video can offer a marketer more possibilities to work with creators. Not only is the content evergreen and searchable, but you can share more in-depth analysis of the product or partnership. Using affiliate links also offers a lot more opportunities to monetize your content. Having a strong, professional blog or YouTube presence is always an asset when approaching brands for partnerships.

A blog or YouTube channel offers a lot more flexibility. In a blog post, you can use compelling visuals and words to tell your story. A YouTube video takes storytelling one step further, immersing your viewers in your world. In general, your audience will feel more connected to you and your content because you have more creative flexibility, and aren’t constrained by a limited amount of characters. This article explains how YouTube content creation is on the rise.

Blogs and websites have been around for decades. YouTube channels are only growing in popularity as well. While Instagram still has a strong share of the audience right now, many people are frustrated with their feeds or find it inauthentic. A static blog or YouTube channel is an opportunity to build something that is YOURS. No one will ever steal your website from you, and you will not be dependent on an algorithm. While it can be frustrating to not reach a certain amount of unique visitors, building a blog is extremely important as an influencer. A blog can elevate your Instagram presence and become a portfolio of your talents as an influencer! Keep working, writing and shooting, and the rewards will come.

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Natalie Ast is a Toronto-based student-at-law and fashion blogger at Nataliastyle. From suits to sneakers, she loves sharing her style tips with a young professional twist.

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