5 Undiscovered Instagram Accounts That Will Give You Serious Inspo

Instagram is home to creatives from all different walks of life. From fashion to food to travel—there are hundreds of thousands of accounts to explore. With so many creators producing content on a daily basis, it’s easy to get lost in the noise and to grow complacent with your feed. So much so, that discovering new accounts tends to fall to the wayside. 

In an effort to freshen up your feed, we’ve rounded up a few of our fav accounts that may have flown under your radar: 

1. The Paleoish

Anna Lise started @thepaleoish to generate a buzz around healthy living

Anna Lise from the @thepaleoish is a health and wellness guru from the Bay Area. She started her relationship with food (and  The Paleoish) at 15 when she was misdiagnosed with an eating disorder. She describes her platform as “a middle ground between healthy and In’N’Out-obsessed”. So, needless to say, her feed will definitely leave you hungry for more. 

2. Wanderlust And Sea

@wanderlustandsea serves instant Vitamin Sea inspiration

Kat Nielsen is an aspiring photographer from New Zealand whose obsession with water is sure to inspire even the biggest land lovers to try out their sea legs. She started her account, @wanderlustandsea, to showcase the beauty of the world’s water bodies. Her website, www.katnielsen.com, puts a spotlight on her work as well as the other work of other visual artists. She also features interviews with established and aspiring photographers, shining light on their work and what drives them to create.

3. Hello Hillory

@hellohillory introduces all of her “firsts” via her blog FirstTimeThings.com

Hillory Renkema is a production specialist, content creator and writer from Toronto. Her blog, First Time Things, is a total breath of fresh air. She dives into the details of all of her fav “firsts”, from new foods to acupuncture and beyond.

4. David Vassiliev

David is a true inspiration for those who have been bitten by the wanderlust bug. His passion? Showcasing hidden travel gems and blissfully serene corners of the world.

5. Stems And Forks

Betty Binon of Stems And Forks is a Toronto-based baker and plant lover.

Betty Binon is the mastermind behind Stems And Forks, an account featuring her favorite things—food and fauna. The philosophy behind her blog and all that she does, is simple: “We all have unique passions that stir something within ourselves—my love of elevating elements of everyday things to create a little more grandiosity is actually part of my bigger philosophy. We have today—let’s make life grand.”

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Feature Image by OnDav

Raya is a Bulgarian-born, internationally-bred lifestyle blogger who’s passionate about all things music, travel and tacos. She is an aspiring writer with an affinity for hip hop [auto]biographies and is always on the search for the next “big” streetwear trend. She can be found on Instagram under @stylecontroversy. Raya is a member of #ThePaidCrew editorial team.