Top 2018 Influencer Marketing News Stories

2018 has been a year for the books and it’s not even over yet! Here we dive into the top influencer marketing stories that have made the news so far:

The Rise of Virtual Influencers

Miquela is 19, based in LA, has 1.4 million followers…. but is not a real person. Despite being a “virtual” influencer, she promotes real clothing brands, discusses real social justice issues, and has a fan base made up of millions of real people. Earlier this year, Miquela partnered with Prada on a campaign during Milan Fashion Week; she ‘wore’ the new collection and shared it with her audience through Instagram posts and stories. More and more virtual influencers are popping up every day. Will they take over the influencer marketing space? Time will tell. 

Instagram Launches IGTV

In June, Instagram launched IGTV, a feature that allows users to post long form, vertical videos. Instagram is the first social media platform to embrace vertical video. While other platforms like Youtube and Twitter offer horizontal viewing, Instagram recognized that most users are consuming content on their mobile devices with a vertical screen and decided to incorporate that into IGTV. Read more about IGTV here.

Live Streaming 

Almost all of the content we consume online is edited in some way or another, except live streaming. In a world where total transparency builds trust and relationships, influencers are now using live streaming to connect with their audiences in a whole new way. Just last month, YouTube stars Jake Paul and Deji Olatunji live streamed a boxing match that had over 800,000 viewers tune in.

Influencer Marketing Moves Beyond Beauty Brands

Though beauty, food, and fashion brands were some of the first verticals to tap into the power of influencer marketing, other industries are starting to find success using it too. How are tech companies like Squarespace and Audible attempting to reach large millennial audiences? Through their favorite creators on YouTube and Instagram. IM humanizes brands that can otherwise feel a bit dry to digest. Even some government based initiatives, focusing on things like cervical cancer screenings and natural gas,  have used IM as a way to engage with younger audiences. 

Influencer marketing is steadily growing and 2018 is far from over; stay tuned for more newsworthy influencer marketing stories and drop your favorite in the comments!

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