Why Success in Creator Media Means Long-Term Partnerships vs. One-Off Campaigns

Creator media takes a completely different approach to leveraging the power of digital creators than traditional influencer marketing. The days of one-off campaigns and random sponsored posts are slowly but surely disappearing and long-term partnerships are starting to own the space. Why?

  • One-off campaigns are less successful than long-term partnerships because they lack the authenticity, trust, and commitment that modern consumers are after.
  • One-off campaigns do not produce the amount of data necessary to improve your creator strategy or influence the rest of your marketing mix.

Long-term campaigns show followers that the relationship between the creator and brand is genuine, making them more likely to trust the promoted product like they trust the creator. In fact, 94% of consumers say transparency / authenticity affects their potential loyalty to a brand. Long-term campaigns also have a clear campaign message, while one-off campaign messaging has a greater likelihood of getting lost or misconstrued due to lack of consistency.

Having the opportunity to test different strategies to see what works best over time is another major aspect to the long-term partnership. Identifying top performing creators, the most successful channels, and key messaging points to create even more engaging content is what really sets creator media apart from traditional influencer marketing. The ability to then use this data to drive your other media decisions is what makes it so valuable. Although long-term campaigns can require more work upfront and can be more expensive than one-off campaigns, their results are almost immediate and their effects longer lasting.

L’Oreal Paris is a notable leader investing in long-term partnerships right now. They recently contracted a group of creators branded the ‘Beauty Squad’ who they work with on an on-going basis. According to L’Oreal Paris, building lasting relationships with these creators has been extremely beneficial—from the quality of the content they create to their followers’ opinions on new products set to launch. This partnership specifically aimed to provide how-to guides and tips to consumers. “Often consumers are looking for this type of content online and we wanted to be the brand providing that to them.” The Beauty Squad is also heavily involved with their events and other brand activations.
#paid introduced Creator Media to challenge and ultimately change the way marketers traditionally approach influencer marketing, and part of that means eradicating the one-off campaign. A long-term partnership with #paid means we are not only able to forge lasting relationships with creators who understand and can articulate your brand message, we’re also able to gather data on what engages your target audience most over time and use that to improve your creator strategy and inform the rest of your marketing mix—something that would be impossible to do with a one-off campaign.

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Featured photo by eberhard grossgasteiger from Pexels