It’s Still Your Job as a Creator to Read the Fine Print

Contracts are super important when it comes to collaborating with brands—it protects both you and the brand that you’re working with. You can read more about contracts here. These are a few reasons why you need to read the fine print before signing anything.  For your reference, #paid’s terms have been created with both brands and creators in mind.

Read the fine print for deadlines

It is not the brand’s responsibility to tell you when things are due. The brand will provide you with specific dates, but it isn’t within their requirements to provide you with reminders. As the creator, it is your job to know when the deadlines are and when things need to be done.

Pro tip: Activate reminders for each milestone of a campaign so that you can stay on track. We would recommend reminders for submitting content ideas, one for draft submissions, and one for the actual day of posting as well.

Know what deliverables you must present

Does your collaboration require one Instagram post and one blog post? Three Instagram posts? Read the fine print and figure out what deliverables you’re expected to present.

Pro tip: Many professionals maintain a document of all of their campaigns together so that they can quickly understand the quantity of content each campaign requires at a glance. Try writing down everything in one spot so that you can easily track what you still have to complete without having to constantly search through your inbox.

Protect your intellectual property

Let’s say a brand sends you a free product. You post an awesome photo of it, they ask you for permission to repost it, and they direct you to some terms and conditions. You say yes, because who wouldn’t want that extra exposure?!

Here’s a little fun fact you might not have known: by responding yes to many of these companies, you’re allowing them and their affiliates an eternal, royalty-free license to edit and use your content for all of their marketing and advertising, and they don’t have to credit you.

Pro tip: Always make sure to discuss with a brand where you are comfortable with your content being re-purposed. Whether it be social rights (the brand is able to repost on their various owned and operated social platforms), digital rights (the brand is able to repost on their various owned and operated websites), or traditional rights (the brand is able to utilize your content in print, broadcast or even throw your photo up on a billboard). This way it won’t come as a surprise if you suddenly see your photo splashed all over the front page of next month’s magazine.

Always remember to read the fine print so you’re on the same page with the brands you’re planning on working with.

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Jessica is a fashion and lifestyle blogger at Diary of a Toronto Girl. Find her on Instagram @jessicailam. Jessica is a member of #ThePaidCrew editorial team.