Featured Influencer: Seattle Photographer Danny Owens @danny.owens

This week’s Featured Creator is Seattle-based Photographer Danny Owens @danny.owens! I got the chance to ask Danny a few questions about his work as a photographer and pick his brain about future aspirations and general life advice.

What would you say first got you interested in Instagram?

I think I was immediately drawn to Instagram because it was based on the idea of telling a story through a simple image. A picture can say a thousand words, and that’s why I think visual storytelling can be the most compelling.

How do you think your followers see you?

Hopefully in a good way. I really just want my followers to see me as a normal person just like them—who loves to try new things and share his story.

What’s your favourite Instagram account? 

My all time favorite has always been @aguynamedpatrick I love how naturally he shares his day and life, and he inspires me to do more in the mundane!

What’s your favourite thing about using #paid?

The level of communication between the brand and me, the influencer.

What’s the best picture you’ve ever taken?

I was in Liberia documenting a non-profit trip and I stumbled into a fishing village. All of the kids and fishermen were so welcoming and excited to interact with me. I took a picture of a little girl and her father sitting on one of their canoes, and it’s my favorite to this date.


Check out more of Danny’s work on his website! dannyowens.co

What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten?

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”

Ultimate goal with photography?

I would love to be able to fully embrace photography as a career. My dream would be to be able to travel the world telling stories of inspiring individuals and companies that are making a difference.

Which city would it be your dream to travel to and capture?

I would love to visit Athens, Greece. I’ve been fascinated with greek mythology for a long time, and the entire culture enthralls me.

Danny is one of 10 Creators who participated in the Frank & Oak City Pop Up Shop Campaign, and helped them launch their reach to over 500,000+ people, gaining 15,000+ engagements and 2,000+ new followers. He is one of the best examples of innovative, bright young minds, using #paid and social media to their fullest potential—helping him get through college and building his amazing photography repertoire.


Kelly Kitagawa is a Badass blogger/vlogger/strategist/Director and Queer Feminist Freak.