On The Road With Build + Bloom

Happy Friday, peeps! Hope you’ve had an excellent week. We kicked our’s off in Dallas on Monday with Build + Bloom where we sponsored our third Creator Rally this year. (Major shout out to the 120+ creators who attended! We hope you had just as much fun as we did.)

Erick, Jessica, Stewart

What is Build + Bloom? Build + Bloom is a collective of 50k+ creatives from all over the world. Jessica Whitaker, the founder of Build + Bloom, is not only a member of the #paid platform, but has also been a speaker on our Connecting with Creators panel in NYC. She is constantly stressing the importance of community and education within the creator space, something we also put heavy emphasis on at #paid, so we knew from the start that we wanted to find a way to support her and that community…. which leads me to Creator Rallies.

New York City

What is a Creator Rally? A Creator Rally is a truly one-of-a-kind event that brings creators from various cities around the world together to meet, learn, and network. At any Creator Rally, you can expect to hear from a panel of badass speakers who share tips and tricks of the industry as well as their experiences as a creator building a business. A plethora of free resources are provided during and after the event and attendees are encouraged to network with the other creators from their city after the panel ends. Professional development aside, it’s also an extremely positive environment that will leave you feeling more inspired and empowered than ever. So far we’ve sponsored creator rallies with Build + Bloom in NYC, Houston, and Dallas…. with more cities to come!


We cherish this partnership for several reasons, but the number one being that it allows us to connect offline with creators of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. If you missed any of these rallies but would still like to listen to the incredible panel of speakers, join the Build + Bloom Facebook group where you can find livestream recordings from all three cities.

Where would you like to see the next #paid sponsored Build + Bloom Creator Rally? Comment below!

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Anna Kate is a lifestyle, food, and booze blogger living in New York City. (Find her on Instagram @kissmysthrnsass.) She is also the creator + content marketing manager at #paid.