Relinquishing Creative Freedom to Influencers: It’s a Bold, But Right Move

Some marketers find it hard to fully hand over creative power, when branded campaigns are involved. Whether you are working with an agency or collaborating with influencers directly, letting go of authority and putting your trust in a creator can be a hard thing to do. The main aim of a campaign is to have an influencer highlight your brand or service in the best light possible, but trusting an outside individual to do that is usually the biggest challenge of all. Despite this, relinquishing your creative role and handing it over to another is fundamental when approaching a creator. 
Influencers are influential for a reason. We’ve talked about it before
@dialaskitchen for #Countylicious
As a marketer, it is your responsibility to “let creators create” and the first reason why they deserve creative freedom is because they have built an authentic audience and know how to make their creativity shine through the content. This is why it is important to view influencer partnerships as genuine relationships, and not as a single-sided agreement. 
Let’s rewind back and ask one important question. Why do people follow influencers?
The answer is—and always will be—content! 
@jodiblk for Lamarque in her signature monochrome style
Regardless of their niche, influencers build their credibility on creating consistent, quality content throughout their channels. No matter how large their following, each creator wants to have the ability to integrate a brand’s mission within their own content in the best way possible. Meaning, a brand must set aside their natural disposition to assert their creative ideas onto the influencer. A certain degree of trust must be instilled within the relationship from the get-go, in order to achieve an organic outcome. Simply put: an influencer wouldn’t be a good fit for a brand, unless their vision is trusted in, as they possess a unique aesthetic, which translates directly to the likes of their audience. 
Furthermore, in order to achieve a successful influencer campaign, it is imperative to preserve the authenticity of each branded post. One of the most critical aspects of authenticity is the individual’s personal style and the nature—in which—they present it to their followers. With that said, altering an influencer’s voice, subsequently damages it in the long run and taints the authenticity of the partnership. 
Finally, a brand’s biggest aim when working with influencers, specifically on the same campaign, is to ensure diversity in the content created. When accepting a campaign, a creator would always like to achieve the best possible results for the brand they are working with—there is nothing worse than having a handful of influencers who end up with the same content.
@reza_jax for LCBO
It is critical to view each creator as an individual, rather than a messenger. Using a creator’s individual approach to engaging with their own audience is the best way to bet on their ability to spread the word about your brand. Think of each one as an integral note in a musical piece—no one exists without the other and harmony is achieved through the difference of tonality. Those tones, the voices, and single vision of each influencer, are what paint the final picture
76% of influencers say that they will work with a brand, if they are granted full editorial and creative freedom
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