The Pros & Cons of a Business Profile

Thinking about switching to a business profile, or switching out of one? Instagram’s business tools have a variety of features that can help grow and improve your account. There are both pros and cons of having a business profile, and we’ve outlined them for you below.

The Pros of a Business Profile

The best part about having a business profile is being able to access analytics about everything from your posts, your stories, and your followers. You can see what types of posts are getting the most engagement, what times your followers are active the most, and what cities and countries your followers are coming from. Through this, you’ll be able to create higher quality content that resonates with your followers, while growing your audience at the same time.

If you have over 10,000 followers, you can have the “swipe up” feature, which allows you to add links to your Instagram Stories. This is huge for driving traffic to your blog or getting people to shop through your links. With a business profile, you can also promote or boost your posts, which will appear as sponsored ads on people’s feeds.

Having a business profile on Instagram also establishes you as a professional, whether you’re a blogger or an artist. You’re able to have a clickable email button, which makes it easier for people to contact you. If you’re a business, you can add in buttons for your business phone number and address as well.

The Cons of a Business Profile

There is no solid proof, but there are rumors that having a business account can lower your organic post reach in the Instagram algorithm. Facebook currently prioritizes posts by friends rather than businesses in the algorithm, so businesses have to pay to get their posts in front of people who have even already liked their page. Seeing as this is the case for Facebook, it’s possible Instagram is also lowering businesses’ posts in the algorithm in order to make them pay to promote their posts.

You can switch back and forth between a personal and business profile, but note that once you switch back to a personal one, you lose all your existing stats and start from scratch again once you switch back to business. It’s free to use, and you can always test it out to see how you feel about it.

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Jessica is a fashion and lifestyle blogger at Diary of a Toronto Girl. Find her on Instagram @jessicailam. Jessica is a member of #ThePaidCrew editorial team.