How to Pitch a Collaboration Idea to a Brand

Learning how to effectively pitch a unique collaboration idea to a brand can really take your career as a creator to the next level, professionally and financially. You can’t always sit and wait for the perfect collaboration opportunity to come to you—you must be willing to create them yourself.

Here are some tips to building your business by pitching collaboration ideas to brands:

1. Make sure the collaboration idea is authentic to your brand. 

What is YOUR brand all about? Perhaps your goal is to provide mothers with ways to live a stylish life with a hectic schedule? Maybe you aim to educate people about plant based foods and nutrition on a budget? Regardless of your theme, use your main message to help craft your collaboration idea. Let your theme drive who you reach out to as well. The brands and collaborations you pitch should always align with your brand and message.

how to start pitching to brands
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2. Consider seasonality/major holidays. 
Keeping track of major seasons/holidays will help you plan custom collaboration ideas. Whether you plan to write a holiday gift guide or a Thanksgiving menu, you’ll definitely want to seize these timely opportunities to approach brands.

how to pitch a collaboration idea to a brand

how to pitch a collaboration idea to a brand
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3.  Outline your deliverables and estimate a timeline.

After you nail your messaging, it’s time to focus on the type of content you want to produce. Do you want to create one Instagram post this week, or 5 blog posts over the next 5 months? Consider what will be most effective based on the theme.

After you’ve written a content outline and timeline, you’ll be able to more accurately build a budget for the collaboration.
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4. Writing your pitch.

• Don’t just open with a pitch. Start by introducing yourself and by paying the brand an authentic compliment. Do you love a certain message they have been promoting recently? Maybe you saw a collaboration they just did with another blogger you follow? Try to find some common ground before you start to sell yourself.
• Don’t just pitch what the idea; the most important question will always be: why does the collaboration make sense and how will it be successful?
• Set expectations. This is where you can more clearly outline your content idea and timeline. Don’t get too stuck in the details, just give them a general idea of what you’d like to accomplish. If they seem interested in response, that’s your opportunity to dive deeper.

Have you pitched a brand a collaboration idea you’re proud of recently? Leave it in the comments!

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