#paidcation: Team Trip to Punta Cana 2018

Every spring, #paid takes the entire team on an all-inclusive, tropical vacation. (Yes, you read that right. All of us.) No work, no worries, just quality time to bond with the team in paradise. Our destination this year? Punta Cana!

     #paidcation     #paidcation .  

Our co-founder, Bryan Gold, explains why this trip is so important to us as a company:

“From the beginning, Adam and I set out to create a positive, supportive, and collaborative culture. We believe in people so much, and are so thankful for our team, that we continuously (along with new cultural leaders that have joined us) and consciously look for ways to celebrate and scale the culture we all have built together.

One part of that outlook is taking the team on an all-inclusive vacation every year! It’s a special time for #paid where team members across multiple departments—and multiple countries—come together to celebrate our success over the past year, grow together as a team, and perhaps engage in exciting conversations about the future.”

To read about all the amazing things that happened last year, check out the blog post he wrote about #paid taking on Mexico in 2017.

#paidcation     #paidcation

We packed our bags and headed to the Dominican Republic on March 21 for 5 days of fun in the sun. While there were no mandatory team activities on the island, we did everything together—from cruising the Caribbean Sea on a humungous catamaran to dancing the night away in an underground cave. We won soccer shoot outs and dance offs, ate burgers on the beach, and buried each other in the sand. There were countless card games and long life talks and lit photoshoots. We basically shared everything as well, from our secrets to our sunscreen to our late night snacks.


Most importantly though, we had the opportunity to learn new things about one another. We found out that we are so much more than a group of coworkers—we are a group of artists and athletes and explorers. We have heart, and integrity, and vision. Ideas and plans and dreams. This trip allowed us to look at each other through an entirely different lens, and I know that I can speak for us all when I say how thankful we are for that. I don’t think I know many people who truly think of their work friends as family, but I do.

Needless to say, it was one hell of an adventure together. But don’t take my word for it, check out the official video by one of our extremely talented creative strategists, Andrew Gook, and see for yourself. Interested in a career in influencer marketing? Join #thepaidcrew and you could land a spot on our next #paidcation.