Our $9M Series A—What This Means for Us

Today marks a major milestone for #paid—we raised $9M in funding to close our Series A! We are incredibly excited for this new stage for our company’s growth and the partners that we work with.

#paid is a leader in the influencer marketing space. The #paid platform leverages AI to match marketers and content creators for integrated influencer marketing programs, content creation, and native amplification. We’re almost 4 years old and proud of what we’ve accomplished.

To the world-class brand teams that we work with, our incredible network of over 15,000 creators, and our dedicated and hard-working teams in our New York and Toronto offices, thank you. Thank you for being a part of this amazing journey. Thank you for being a part of the thousands of collaborations that consistently inspire online communities in a meaningful way. Thank you for helping make our vision of empowering creators a reality. We’re proud to have paid out millions of dollars to creators around the world, empowering them to do what they love and share their story with their audience.

#paid started with the mission of helping creators do what they love by connecting them with the brands they genuinely care about. Since then, platforms like Instagram and YouTube have grown to new heights and are a staple part of most people’s day. With that comes increased demand for great content creators and new opportunities for brands to partner with them.

We believe the fundamental core of influencer marketing stems from authenticity. This means partnering brands with creators who are existing customers, genuine advocates, or have unique related stories to share. Additionally, we believe staying at the forefront of technology is vital in creating more value for marketers. Our AI-driven matching algorithm analyzes audience demographics, scans for fake followers, optimizes for campaign goals, and more. The legwork of working a full roster of creators can also be a cumbersome process—from locking in a roster of creators to approving content before it goes live— which gets even more difficult as programs scale out to more creators. The #paid platform has a suite of tools to streamline and make this an efficient process, so working with dozens—or hundreds—of creators becomes easy and scalable.

The key theme of our Series A funding is scale.
  1. Scale to new geographic locations: We’ve developed great relationships with creators and marketers in our current markets, however we want to continue facilitate these collaborations across the globe. Starting with a new office in Los Angeles, we are excited to bring our technology and refined approach to new markets.
  2. Scale our technology for brands of all sizes: Our platform currently focuses on enabling large brands and agencies to work with the top content creators in the world. The technology automates the process through our Customer Experience team who adds extra bandwidth to support our customers. The platform expansion enables businesses of all sizes to license our technology and run scalable influencer marketing programs on their own.
  3. Scale our relationships and connections with creators: #paid was founded with a goal of helping creators make a living doing what they love—and we only intend on expanding on that mission as we dive into this next chapter. We are constantly striving to be better partners and to help grow creators’ professional careers.
Interested in #paid?
  • Marketers: chat with our team about how we can make influencer marketing a more integrated part of your plans hello@hashtagpaid.com
  • Creators: We’re open to new ideas. How can we help you make your professional creator career easier? Get in touch with our team via email, creators@hashtagpaid.com. Also check out our blog—written by creators for creators—for tips and stories on being a professional creator: blog.hashtagpaid.com.
  • Everyone: Follow along with us on IG @hashtagpaid and @thepaidcrew or drop us a note if you think you’d be a good fit for our team. Check out our current job openings here: https://paid.workable.com/

The #paid team