The Not-So-Glamourous Side of Being An Influencer

From travel junkies jet-setting to fabulous, faraway destinations to fashion bloggers rocking designer clothes right off the runway, IG influencers have a way of not only inspiring your sense of adventure but motivating you to achieve similar #goals. While it all looks pretty flawless on your Instagram feed, it isn’t always so glamorous behind the scenes. A lot of work goes into creating content and maintaining an image…. and no matter how perfect they may seen, even the most famous and fabulous influencers are actually human! Here are some of the not-so-glamorous parts of being an IG influencer:

1. Getting the perfect shot.

Getting the perfect shot is a lot harder than it looks. From scheduling shoot days to buying props to planning outfits—there is a ton of thought (and money) that goes into each photo before it is ever actually taken. Coordinating everything into a realistic time frame can be tough, but if done well can really affect the quality of your shoot and your actual experience. You may have to take the same photo 100 times before you get the perfect angle, which could mean you’re left eating cold fries and melted ice cream, but that’s just part of the job. Find a trusty photographer OR a group of friends who don’t mind waiting.

2. Editing is more than filters and Facetune.

Editing is an art. You can’t expect to get the perfect image by slapping a simple filter on and calling it a day. Everyone has a different process, but it all starts by sifting through the array of shots originally taken and selecting the best one for editing. What comes next rarely takes minutes, but can take hours depending on the photo. From manipulating color and light to removing blemishes and smoothing imperfections, every picture will require a different touch. The attention to detail can be tedious and boring, but it is just another piece of what sets an influencer’s feed apart from the rest.

3. Everything else.

Just because the photo has been posted doesn’t mean the work has stopped. With Instagram’s tricky algorithm, you can’t just post a photo, close the app, and expect to see results. It is imperative that you engage with your audience, especially within the first hour, by responding to comments right away. One way to help boost your own levels of engagement is by actively commenting on other influencers’ content.

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