Multi-Platform Campaigns: The Importance of Various Platforms

The content creator space has been evolving so rapidly which has also caused for so many more campaign opportunities within the industry. Nowadays, you are seeing campaigns which can take place on almost any platform: blogs, Instagram, YouTube, or a combination of the three. This is why as a content creator, it is important to diversify your content across multiple platforms (the ones which make the most sense for your brand) to increase opportunity for multi-platform campaigns and to connect with your audience in different ways. Read further for our top reasons for creating content specifically on blogs, YouTube, and Instagram.



Multi-Channel Campaigns
Blog post by Margaux Zanetti

• Captures a full story (imagery vs. word)
One of the greatest parts of blog content is being able to capture so much depth between imagery and the written word. This is often a great space for product/service reviews because you are able to really dive deep into your opinions while supporting it with a visual component as well. Blog content is great for campaigns because brands are able to easily re-post and share your post, while also having multiple images to draw from as well. A blog post is often paired along with an Instagram post in a campaign, for example, to link your audience from your Instagram to your blog. This is why it can be so beneficial to be able to provide the brand with both types of content!

• A way to create tone of voice and authentically communicate with audience
Blog content is also great for multi-channel campaigns because—in the blogging space—you are really able to highlight your tone of voice and personality through your writing. This is something that cannot always be done through an image alone on Instagram. Brands really love when you are able to showcase this in a campaign because well, they chose you for a reason, and want you to really be able to connect with your users about the campaign on a more personal level.



Multi-Platform Campaigns
Video created by Jackie Wyers

• Shows your personality & authentic self more than any other platform
YouTube is one of those platforms that are able to capture your personality more than any other. Being on camera, “face-to-face”, with your audience allows for content that is truly authentic and highlights your true self. Being able to offer this kind of content to a brand in a campaign is highly beneficial because it captures so many components in one piece of content. It is visual, you are able to explain in-depth opinions, while also being extremely engaging with sound, editing, etc.
Since video content takes a lot more time and effort to produce, they often lead to higher rates which you are able to charge to brands, but they also lead to higher returns, which we will talk about in the next point!

• Majority of people will purchase from what they saw in a video vs. photo (higher ROI)
According to an article by Wordstream, video content has the highest performing ROI (Return on investment) than any other type of content. In the same article, they talk about how—by 2019—internet video traffic will account for 90% of all consumer internet traffic. So, if that isn’t reason enough to start creating video content, who knows what else is! Viewers are able to retain content much more effectively through a video in comparison to say, a photo, which is why your audience will be much more inclined to go and purchase whatever you are talking about. These types of statistics really help support how important it is to create video content and to try and implement them into your campaigns.


Multi-Channel Campaigns

Multi-platform campaigns
Photo taken by Fernwehsociety

• Quick way to capture the essence of multi-platform campaigns
The great thing about Instagram content within multi-platform campaigns is that is a more quick and effective way to instantly connect with your users about the campaign. Instagram photos can almost be used as a call-to-action to get your followers to go check out your blog post or your YouTube video. It almost gives a summary of the deeper and more detailed content to follow on your other platforms!

• Easiest way to connect with audience about a campaign on a social & interactive level
Another amazing thing about utilizing Instagram within multi-channel campaigns is that you are able to instantly connect with each one of your users who engage with you. This is a bit tougher to do on a blog or YouTube video, which is why Instagram can be so effective for multi-platform campaigns—so that you are still able to interact. Creating conversation through the comments and responding to DMs is such a great way to be able to connect with your audience with the brand’s campaign!

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