Why You Should Have a Media Kit If You Don’t Already

If you don’t already have a media kit, now is the time to create one. A media kit is basically your resume as a creator. It should showcase your reach, engagement, and past work, as well as illustrate the value you provide to brands who may potentially want to work with you.

Media kits are essential when it comes to landing more brand collabs. Here are some more reasons why you should have one:

A media kit summarizes your brand

Having a media kit makes it easier to visualize your brand because it centralizes all of its pieces in a single location. You should include all of the important info- from your audience demographics to your blog subscribers to your past partnerships and collaborations. Make sure to list all of the social platforms you are active on.

It’s a clean way to display your services and rates

A media kit also typically includes a list of your services and rates. Avoid emailing back and forth negotiating rate by having it clearly outlined in your media kit.

A media kit looks professional

Since you are trying to partner with brands based on your ability to create quality content, it is important that your media kit be well designed. Make sure it looks as good as the content you post! A strong media kit can really make you stand out amongst other creators because it not only makes you look professional but essentially acts as a sample of your work.

Do you already have a media kit? Are you planning on creating one? Would you be interested in a workshop on how to get started? Leave a comment below.

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Jessica is a fashion and lifestyle blogger at Diary of a Toronto Girl. Find her on Instagram @jessicailam. Jessica is a member of #ThePaidCrew editorial team.