How Marketers Can Effectively Run An Instagram Takeover

The world of influencer marketing can be made even better with the use of Instagram takeovers. Whether you invite an employee or public figure to execute, Instagram takeovers can be a great way to mutually benefit the organization and influencer.

Why Incorporate Instagram Takeovers?

Instagram takeovers allow cross collaborations between influencers and brands. By cross collaborating, both the brand and influencer can share audiences that might not have normally been exposed to their content!

How To Execute A Takeover:

  • Decide On Tasks: An Instagram takeover can include more than just posts on a feed. It can also include Instagram Story posts or live video. Decide with your influencer how many and what type of posts you are interested in.
  • Brand Specific Tags: Does your brand use a regular hashtag? Make sure your influencer knows! Ensure they are also aware of your handles, and any links you want them to include.
  • Decide On A Goal: While an Instagram takeover is fun to cross collaborate, it can also be a great way to achieve a specific goal. Are you interested in gaining followers, increasing interaction, promoting a product, driving traffic to your site, or just overall increasing brand awareness? Think about your goals and communicate them to your influencer!
  • Figure Out The Details: How long do you want the takeover to last? A few hours, days, a week? Determine an appropriate length of time with your influencer. This would also be the time to draw up a contract if interested, and decide what the process for submitting posts will be.
  • Spread The Word: Not only do you want to promote the influencer takeover in advance, but should ask them to as well! This is a great time to share followers and audiences on your platforms. You can even use Twitter and Facebook to drive traffic to your Instagram page.
  • TAKEOVER: It may be wise to create a temporary password for the influencer to use, and you can change it after the takeover is done.
  • Takeaways: After the takeover, it is important not to let the campaign disappear. Review the Instagram analytics to determine if your goals were met, and what you both could improve for next time. A few analytics to measure are—likes, views, shares, clicks, reach, visits, Stories completion rates, and engagement.

Holiday Takeovers:

The holidays are around the corner and are an effective way to utilize influencers to increase reach through takeovers! Of course the type of content your influencer creates will be based on your brand’s initiatives, but here are a few fun ideas!

  • Holiday recipe takeover
  • Favorite holiday products
  • Black Friday takeover tips
  • Hosting a holiday contest or giveaway
  • Ideas for hosting holiday parties

While executing an Instagram takeover can seem daunting at first, with each campaign you will learn tips and tricks to ease the stress. Remember, takeovers should be a fun way to benefit both your brand and your favorite influencer!

Ready to start working with creators to takeover your brand?  Let’s chat about how we can incorporate takeovers on your next campaign!.

Marissa is a radio personality turned lifestyle influencer who loves all things beauty, fashion, and travel. You can follow her on Instagram at @MarissaOnAir. She is a member of #ThePaidCrew editorial team.