Why I Made A Cross Country Move To Work for #paid

Hey y’all! If you’re new to this blog, my name is Anna Kate and I am a member of the #paid marketing team in New York City. I started working for #paid in January of 2018 (7 months now) and it has been the greatest experience and challenge of my life. So, how did I get here?

While in school, I started a business that specialized in sorority apparel and gifts that I marketed exclusively on social media. I had a well known Twitter account (still active, @kissmysthrnsass) and a group of 150+ of brand ambassadors that would advertise on their social media accounts in an effort to hit certain sales goals and earn commission. It was a wild journey and my first real taste of the power of influencer marketing.

After graduation, I moved to Atlanta to work in traditional media. From the outside looking in, it was a glamorous career choice. I had front row tickets to all of the best concerts, celebrities were in an out of my office all day long, and I had fabulous clients like The Atlanta Ballet and Coca Cola to call on…. but from the inside, I saw an industry slowly dying. I found myself recommending radio when I wasn’t sure it was actually working, while my own brand was still rapidly growing online. It baffled me at how much each client would spend on radio each month without any ROI to show, and I knew it would baffle them if they knew just how far that same amount of money could go if invested into influencer marketing. I voiced my ideas to our upper management, because we did have some very influential personalities that we could leverage on air, but no one seemed to see the value.

Frustrated, I started to look for a company that valued results. A company that would actually listen to me. A company that was moving forward. That’s when I found #paid.

It felt like a dream job when I first saw the listing online and when I talk about what I do now, it still feels surreal. From the outside, #paid is a platform putting integrity at the core of influencer marketing. They want to advocate for creators so that they can cultivate a creative career doing what they love. Likewise, they want to partner with brands to provide trackable ROI and breath taking content. They value culture in everything they do. From the inside, it is even more than that. #paid is a community of forward thinkers and industry leaders. We strive to lift each other up, always assume positive intent, and do the right thing the hard way. You can literally feel the soul of the company when you walk in the door.

This group of people motivate and inspire me to be better. The thirst to always improve and learn and achieve is contagious, and I love that. We are from all over the world and have interests that span all things. Our team truly has a spirit that can’t be matched.

It was a no brainer why I decided to drop everything in Atlanta and move to NYC to work with #paid. (The parties, game nights, and team vacations were all just a bonus.) I love this company and everything it stands for. It brought me to the greatest city in the world and has already given me some of the sweetest memories. I am SO excited to see how we grow in the next year.

What’s the biggest leap you’ve ever taken? Drop it in the comments.

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Anna Kate is a lifestyle, food, and booze blogger living in New York City. (Find her on Instagram @kissmysthrnsass.) She is also the creator + content marketing manager at #paid. 

Featured image by Pexels: burst.shopify.com