Instagram is Your Own Curated Magazine

Jen Setler (@JenSetler) (pictured above) became famous on Instagram, she ended up on the cover of Vanity Fair.

The same way we browsed magazine racks, we open Instagram to peek into the lives of our friends, influencers, and aesthetic idols the same way we used to open magazines. Followers engage and share photos from the people who inspire their lives. They choose who they give their attention to, and respond to the creators that resonate with their worldviews. 

Models become famous on Instagram first

For models, it used to be the cover of Vanity Fair that would turn them into a global superstar, but today Vanity Fair feature superstars who’ve built their following on Instagram. Photographers used to develop and derive the aesthetics to fit into what magazines wanted. Today, they develop and devise their own vision directly in front of their audience.

Influencers and Creators can express own vision and identity

Instagram gives models, photographers, and content creators the ability to share visions of themselves amplified to a massive audience. Celebrity is no longer based on the decisions of traditional gatekeepers but grown organically by reaching authentic fans who choose to give them attention.

We feel closer than ever to the people who we follow

Talent, tastemakers and trendsetters are no longer admired from afar, today, followers choose to make them a part of their lives, actively making the decision to make the people they follow a part of their lives. A decade ago we wouldn’t have considered the models, actors, and movie stars we see in magazines to be a part of our lives. Today, they sit right next to photos of our best friends, loved ones, and the people we admire.