Instagram Friends vs. Normal Friends: Why You Should Have Both

Every creator has two kinds of friends: their Instagram friends and their normal friends. While everyone these days seems to love Instagram, there’s a major difference between the people who put a lot of work in behind-the-scenes on their feeds and the people who post whatever they want.

Here’s why you should have both:

Instagram friends understand what it takes to get the shot

Some of your normal friends may not mind taking a few shots of your outfit or waiting a few minutes for you to take flat lays of your dinner, but Instagram friends truly understand what it takes to get the perfect shot and are willing to help you get it.

Finding the right location, perfecting the setup, taking hundreds of shots, and editing for hours… your Instagram friends understand why each of these steps is so important. They’ll also let you know whether the composition of your photo looks good or whether the editing on one of your photos needs some more work. This kind of constructive feedback is important, especially coming from people you trust.

You can get Instagram advice from your Instagram friends

Your normal friends likely don’t care enough about Instagram to chat about the algorithm or to help you plan out a new theme for your feed. Your Instagram friends obsess about this stuff themselves, and are much more likely to offer good advice about Instagram-related things. Normal friends are great for other kinds of advice, like relationships and life in general.

It’s easier to take Instagram friends to events

As a creator, you likely get invited to PR and media sponsored events. Many times these events only allow a +1 if they are also considered a creator. Having Instagram friends to take along to these types of events makes things easier and way less lonely! If you’re able to bring along a non-creator friend to an event, definitely do it. It will be extra special for them since they don’t get that type of opportunity often.

It’s great to have normal friends AND Instagram friends. Each group serves a different purpose, but all of the relationships are equally important.  Do you have normal friends and Instagram friends? Let us know in the comments!

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Jessica is a fashion and lifestyle blogger at Diary of a Toronto Girl. Find her on Instagram @jessicailam. Jessica is a member of #ThePaidCrew editorial team.