Integrating Influencer Marketing Into Your Media Mix

As a brand, finding the right advertising opportunity in a sea of endless options is a task that can make even the most experienced marketer pull out their hair. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution and simply pouring your ad budget into content creation won’t get the job done either. So what really works?

With Instagram and Facebook continuously changing their algorithms, our advertising models and marketing-related initiatives must do the same. More and more people are growing skeptical of the blatantly generic ads and have started to seek a certain level of personalization when it comes to targeted campaigns. Marketers must adapt to meet these expectations, but how? We suggest using paid media and influencer marketing as a dual pronged strategy so they can work together.

Paid media has always been at the forefront of advertising… until now. Paid media can include anything from digital ads to prioritized searches to traditional commercials. The biggest advantage of paid media is clear: you pay for access to a particular audience and can pinpoint how much it cost to reach your consumer. Your results can be measured and easily analyzed. Paid media is, however, expensive and many brands are turning to more affordable alternatives.

Integrating Influencer Marketing Into Your Media Mix
@sashaexeter for @fitflops

Paid media is not to be confused with earned media, the word-of-mouth, unpaid approach to advertising which relies on satisfied believers in your brand to spread the word and drive visits to your platform. It is also different from owned media, which includes personal blogs, newsletters or other direct media channels. These approaches allow brands to save money, but aren’t necessarily the most effective in terms of new customer acquisition.

Integrating Influencer Marketing Into Your Media Mix
@notyourstandard for @coachella just in time for festival season

Influencer marketing allows you the opportunity to control the type of influencer (who) you’d like to work with, while also taking ownership of how, what, when and where they’ll be promoting. You’re targeting audiences based on their organic demographic, allowing the end user to make a choice without feeling like they’re being “sold to” since their trust is already instilled in the influencer you selected. Influencer marketing is most comparable to owned media, as it allows a brand to repurpose the content an influencer creates for a campaign to use in the future. What truly sets influencer marketing apart is the unique opportunity for consumers to engage with the brand through a third party.

Integrating Influencer Marketing Into Your Media Mix
@adidasoriginals perfect example of cross-promoting product and the influencer content they’ve invested in

Paid media works best when supplemented by influencer marketing and vice versa. You can absolutely have one without the other and still see results, but they produce a staggeringly higher ROI when they work together. Are you ready to spice up your media mix? Join us today and start working with world-class influencers who are excited to help take your brand to the next level.

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